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A Brief History of Chinese Patent Medicine

By Laura Stropes, L.Ac.
July 5, 2017 No comments

Lanzhou Foci formulation

What are now commonly referred to as “patent” medicines are prepared or manufactured Chinese herbal medicines, such as teapills and tablets, which have been made according to standard herbal formulas created hundreds and in some cases even thousands of years ago.

Congee Recipe for Cock's Crow Diarrhea

By Yvonne Lau and Laura Stropes, L.Ac.
June 15, 2017 No comments


Yang deficiency and weak Ming Men fire can eventually lead to chronic diarrhea, especially in the elderly. Congee is an easy to prepare dish that can include herbs to tonify and balance the body.

Dragon Boats, Dumplings and a Patriotic Poet

By Yvonne Lau
May 30, 2017 1 comment

ZongziZongzi are a traditional food during the Dragon Boat Festival. The story behind these dumplings started over a thousand years ago during the Warring States period, when there were seven kingdoms in China who were constantly battling for dominance.

Chuan Xiong Herb & Egg Soup

By Katie Stoyka
April 24, 2017 No comments
Herb & Egg Soup

Boiling eggs together with herbs for a sweet soup is a common practice in Chinese food therapy. There are many variations depending on the herbs chosen.

Herbal Foot Soak

By Yvonne Lau
February 16, 2017 No comments

Herbal Foot Soak

According to Chinese Medicine, winter is a great time to tonify the Kidney, so why not do it with a warm, soothing foot bath? It's not just a nice way to relax - by tonifying we also strengthen our immune system.

Holiday Gifts at Mayway

By Katie Stoyka
December 14, 2016 No comments

Holiday Gifts at Mayway

Too busy for shopping this year? Order for your practice AND your loved ones at Mayway! We've put a few gift ideas together to help simplify your shopping. Soaps, calendars, T shirts, teas and more.