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Mayway Lecture Series

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Susan Johnson, L.Ac.

In-Depth Master Tung's Magic Points & Theory
with Susan Johnson, L.Ac.
Part 1: Saturday & Sunday June 24-25, 2017
Part 2: Saturday & Sunday September 9-10, 2017

Approved for 13 CA CEUs and 13 NCCAOM PDA points per weekend, 26 CA CEUs and 26 NCCAOM PDA points total. Join us in person or online for the live webinar, both of which will receive "live" CEUs and PDAs.

The In-Depth Master Tung's Points & Theory series, taught by Susan Johnson, is a two-weekend course designed to immerse practitioners in this profound system of acupuncture. While the Best of Master Tung’s Magic Points is an excellent introduction to this system, the number of points covered is limited. In-Depth Master Tung’s Points delves into many more points, beginning with the hands and arms on the first weekend, and moving on through feet, legs and torso, ending with the head on the second weekend. In this more focused version of her Beginning Series, Susan presents points from Master Tung’s system with precise anatomical location, operative theory, indications, point combinations, and case studies. Crystal clear video clips demonstrate the precise point location and needling technique for points discussed in class. In the beginning stages of learning this point system, students find that it’s an invaluable recipe book—it’s simple to learn, useful, and effective right away. The complexities and deeper connections of the system become clear as practitioners study these points again and again.

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