5 TCM podcasts you need to hear now

Listen to Lonny Jarret speak about communication in your bathtub or get practice management tips from Lorne Brown on your commute. Podcasts offer bite-sized interviews and explorations that can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. The best part? They're free!

Podcasts cover a range of topics within the TCM field, with some having a specific focus and others bouncing around a bit. We've given summaries of 5 podcasts we think are worth listening to below.

If you're new to podcasts, you can listen online via the internet (streaming), or you can download the podcast so you can listen later without an internet connection. You can start and stop listening, according to your schedule. When you find one you like, you can subscribe to it so new episodes download automatically to your device with a “podcatcher" like iTunes, or Stitcher.

Yin Yang Podcast

This 2-year-old podcast is hosted by acupuncturists Travis Spire-Sweet and Chris Powell, who have a clear interest in the intersection of science and acupuncture. Recent shows have covered the use of acupuncture needles in NASA robot research, and optimizing IVF outcomes with the use of traditional Chinese medicine.

Everyday Acupuncture

Host Michael Max has found that experience is the best road to understanding, and his guests share wisdom gained through practice. Subjects of recent episodes include acupuncture as part of integrated treatment in an emergency room, and stillness within qi gong practice.

Heavenly Qi

Podcast 2These podcasts can qualify for professional development hours, but so far only in Australia. Clare Pyers and Phi Gitsham reach out to practitioners, creating a feeling of community with 30-minute weekly episodes where they 'talk shop' about issues and ideas with practitioners and invite listeners to chime in via Facebook. Five element diagnosis and shen disharmony were recent discussions.

PinPoint Performance

In one of the more targeted podcasts, Chad Bong explores acupuncture in sports medicine, covering history, integrative care and innovations. Celebrity guests have included a pro cycling team acupuncturist, a pain management specialist and a sports medicine acupuncture pioneer.

Acupuncturist on Fire

What does it mean to be a successful acupuncturist? Host AJ Adamczyk asks guests how they have overcome obstacles and found their niche in acupuncture, looking at practice management, non-traditional marketing strategies and specialized treatments in recent interviews.

We hope you enjoy listening to these shows and encourage you to share your favorites on our Facebook page!

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