Charlotte Maxwell Integrated Cancer Clinic

Charlotte Maxwell Clinic (CMC), the Oakland, CA-based nonprofit women’s clinic, is celebrating 30 years of providing free access to compassionate integrative care, including acupuncture, herbs, body work, homeopathy, guided imagery, and nutrition education, for low-income women with cancer in the San Francisco Bay Area. A virtual event, themed “An Evening of Gratitude,” was held October 28. It honored the clinic’s co-founders, celebrated the contributions of long-time volunteers and partners, and shared heartfelt patient testimonials. The hour-long event can be accessed here.

The celebration also culminated in the reopening of CMC on October 1st to serve clients in-person again! Since March 2020, Clinic operations had been suspended due to the pandemic. However, we continued to serve our community via Zoom Wellness classes, providing over 400 group sessions in stress management, nutrition advice, exercise classes, meditation, and other healing modalities to support clients in their mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. During this time, we also provided one-on-one telehealth appointments, making hundreds of calls to check in with clients and find out their needs. We delivered homeopathic medicines and herbal formulas to help them manage the side effects of their cancer treatments, as well as groceries to those most food insecure. We are continuing these services and more as our volunteers return, and we recruit and train new ones.

As the reopened clinic welcomes clients anxiously seeking 1-on-1 services in a nurturing environment, the safety of all concerned is of utmost importance. To that end, the clinic has implemented strict COVID-19 prevention protocols. We require all staff, volunteers and clients to show proof of vaccination and wear masks while in the clinic. We have developed cleaning protocols and contact tracing plans, and trained staff and returning volunteers. We have revamped furnishings and supplies. The windows will be open and air filters will be on during shifts to promote safe air flow. Also, treatment sessions will be slightly shorter to allow for more time to clean between clients.

We are so excited to return and greatly appreciate your support of our mission in providing the highest opportunity for improved health outcomes and quality of life for low-income women impacted by cancer and complications from the COVID-19 pandemic. Your donations will help us rebuild and expand free access to vital integrative care services, both in-clinic and via telehealth.

Visit the Charlotte Maxwell Clinic website for more information.

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