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Holiday Gifts for Health

Everyone is busy towards the end of the year, so why not make life easier and get some holiday shopping done while placing your order at Mayway? We have all sorts of gift-worthy items you may not know about, from TCM t-shirts to herbal teas.

Mayway Holiday Gift Ideas

Mayway Eight Treasure Tea
Layers of colorful herbs look beautiful in these glass jars with the tea story attached on a card. Eight Treasures Tea is said to have been created for Empress Ci Xi during the Qing Dynasty to maintain healthy circulation, support liver and kidney function and keep the body balanced.

Mayway shirts Mayway TCM T-shirts
Mayway exclusive! We have Shen Nong as the O.G. Herbalist, an “Old Skool” Acupuncture chart, or Yin Chiao is my hero! t-shirts, each designed by Hugh Lau, a Mayway owner and the designer of all of our artsy Plum Flower® labels. A must-have for herb fans and TCM aficionados.

Swarovski Crystal Ear Seeds
Add some sparkle to your holiday treatments! Offer this fun upgrade for a small fee and make everyone happy. The kit also makes a great gift for someone special. Available in clear or colored crystals with 24-karat gold plated pellets.

Bee and Flower Soap Bee & Flower Scented Soap
First created in 1928, these fragrant soaps are retro cool! Choose from sandalwood, rose, jasmine ginseng or bouquet. Each bar comes ready for giving, wrapped in colorful paper with 2 metallic seals and a folded “ribbon" describing the product. With 12 per box, these are so affordable that you could gift a bar to every patient!

Sweet Treats
  A dish on the front desk, a tin in the stocking, who can resist candy? We have 5 kinds of yummy ginger chews, Haw Flakes (the original bitter-herb-tea-taking bribe), and beautiful tins of herbal drops in tangerine lemon, apple longan, ume plum, super mint and original.

Mayway Soup Herbs
Great stocking stuffer! Give your chicken soup a boost with this Lung Tonic herb pack. Full recipe included on the bag, or try it with your favorite homemade soup recipe.

Soup Herbs Mayway Organic Herb Tea
Classic combination of Gou Qi Zi and Ju Hua for clearing heat and brightening the eyes. These certified-organic herbs look and taste lovely.

Chinese Herb Coloring Book Chinese Herb Coloring Book
Join the coloring book craze, TCM style! Beautiful illustrations that anyone would enjoy adding color and dimension to (and you'll learn about herbs at the same time!).

Bamboo Pharmacy Winter Care Kit
A thoughtful and fun care package for health through the holidays and beyond. Bamboo Pharmacy is the easy-to-understand packaging of our Plum Flower® line, for your friends and family who aren’t quite sure what to do with “Gan Mao Ling”.

Explore our website for a selection of other gift-worthy products including eco-friendly shopping bags, loofah sponges, herb pots and more!

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