Aucklandia & Coptis Teapills

Xiang Lian Wan
200 pill/bt
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Aucklandia & Coptis Teapills

Other Product Names: 香連丸, Saussurea and Coptis Pills

Standard Dosage: 8 pills, 3 x per day

Ingredients: Coptis chinensis rhizome, Aucklandia lappa root

Ingredients (Pin Yin): Huang lian (zhi), Mu xiang

Other Ingredients: Hydrated magnesium silicate, Microcrystalline cellulose, Dextrin, China wax

Packaging: 200 pill/bt

Barcode: 739934836125

Case Packaging: 180 bt (3 pk)

Chinese Name: 香連丸

Chinese Brand: 梅花牌®

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