Educational Field Trips

OM Instructors, diversify your lesson plan by incorporating a field trip to Mayway! Your students will get an understanding and behind-the-scenes peek at the industry side of TCM. Join Mayway staff for a look at the manufacturing processes for pills, tablets, and extract powders from sourcing farms to quality control. Tour our art deco era building, learn the 50+ year history of Mayway, and see our GMP-certified Herbal Dispensary where we pack custom prescriptions of whole herbs and extract powders that ship across the country. Students get to test their herb identification skills in the Herbal Showdown game, and have their herb questions answered by our knowledgeable staff.

“It was great to get questions answered about how herbs are quality controlled and imported.” – an ACTCM Student

Instructors please email our Education team to schedule your class tour. Tour activities are designed for a 2-hour experience, but can be modified if more in-depth discussion is requested.

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