Herb Day Celebration

8 Treasures TeaCelebrating Herb Day

Herb Day is a great day to celebrate the importance of herbs and herbalism, and to honor the practitioners, teachers, sellers, botanical gardens, farms, and everyone who uses and appreciates herbal medicine. Started in 2006 by a group of 5 nonprofit organizations (American Botanical Council, American Herbal Products Association, United Plant Savers, American Herbal Pharmacopoeia, and American Herbalists Guild), Herb Day falls on the first Saturday each May and is marked by events and festivities across the country.

Herb ID CardsCheck to see events near you on the Herb Day website, or add your own!

Here at Mayway, we practically live and breathe herbs (as anyone who's ever stepped into our building can attest), and thought we'd offer something fun for Herb Day. Amuse yourself and test your knowledge of herbs with our Herb Quiz below. Also place an order between May 1-6 to be entered into a drawing for some cool prizes. Winners get to choose from:

  1. Beautiful gift jar of 8 Treasures Tea made with Plum Flower premium unsulfured herbs: Gou Qi Zi, Hong Zao, Long Yan Rou, Ju Hua, Mei Gui Hua, Shan Zha, rock (cane) sugar, and green tea. Tonifying and delicious!
  2. Jacket

    A full set of our Herb ID cards identifying 380+ herbs with full-color photos and detailed descriptions, organized into a sturdy binder with pocket pages, perfect for collecting samples.
  3. An embroidered Mayway jacket. Keep cozy in style with our logo jackets. Choose from men's style is nylon exterior with fleece lining (sizes S-XL) or women's style is a classic cotton hoodie (sizes S-L, slim fit).

10 winners will be randomly selected and notified on Monday, May 8th.

Thank you for sharing our passion for herbs, and Happy Herb Day!


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