Mobility Muscle & Joint Rub

Ji Rou Guan Jie You
50 ml/bt
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Mobility Muscle & Joint Rub

Other Product Names: 肌肉关节油(粉色), Mobility Muscle & Joint oil, liniment, massage oils

Standard Dosage: Apply generously to affected area and massage until thoroughly absorbed into skin. Repeat as necessary but not more than 4 times daily.

Ingredients: Methyl salicylate Menthol, Camphor, Capsicum oleoresin

Ingredients (Pin Yin): Dong qing you, Bo he nao, Zhang nao you, La jiao you, Ru xiang you, Chuan xiong you, Kang wu you, Mo yao you, Bo he you, Song you, Song you chun, She xiang cao you, Song jie you.

Other Ingredients: Frankincense oil, Ligusticum chuanxiong rhizome oil, Mineral oil, Myrrh oil, Peppermint oil, Pine oil, Terpineol, Thyme oil, Turpentine oil

Label Warning: External Use Only. Do not use on wounds, irritated or damaged skin, if allergic to asprin or other NSAIDs.

Packaging: 50 ml/bt

Barcode: 739934834015

Case Packaging: 48 cs (12 pk)

Chinese Name: 肌肉关节油(粉色)

Chinese Brand: 竹林堂®

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