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Mayway promotes the understanding and development of Chinese herbal medicine through support of research in the field.

To Apply For Research Support:

Requests for support must be submitted in writing and include a mission statement, a description of the project, the research parameters and contact information. Our Research Committee evaluates requests for support on a case-by-case basis. Once a request is received potential recipients will be informed by phone of its status. You are welcome to call to confirm that your request was received and check on its status as well.

Send requests to:

Mayway Research Committee
1338 Mandela Parkway
Oakland, CA 94607
Tel: 510/208-3113 (Monday-Friday, 8am-5:30pm PST)
Fax: 510/208-3069

Research Results:

After the research study is completed we request that a copy of the study's results be sent to us for our own records. We look forward to working with organizations interested in promoting the validity and efficacy of traditional Chinese herbal medicine.