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Scholarship Winners

Mayway Scholarship Winners

Mayway’s goal is to provide premium quality, preservative- free Chinese herbs and herbal products in the United States with a commitment to sustainable agriculture, environmental protection, and a concern for species biodiversity and preservation. We promote the acceptance of traditional Chinese medicine as a valuable tool in health and support the work of those with the same goals.

Mayway continues its campaign to partner with the colleges of Oriental Medicine in bringing quality to herbal education. Our Herb ID Kit has been extremely well received by students and teachers of herbal studies. We continue to offer a special relationship with OM colleges that choose to avail themselves of our Preferred Supplier Agreement. We also offer special trainings and classes in herbal manufacturing and herbal industry matters to interested colleges.

2013 Master’s Program $2000 Scholarship Winner
Michele Heneghan: Herbal Wisdom Over the Counter

2013 DAOM Program $1500 Scholarship Winner
Paula Kristian: Glorious Chinese Medicinals - Changes, Differences, and Challenges in the Last Twenty Years

2013 Master’s Program Runner-Up $500 Scholarship Winners
Anna Ritner: Chinese Herbal Medicine: More Than the Sum of its Parts
Alexandra Garcia: An Argument for Delaying the Availability of Over-the-Counter Chinese Herbal Formulas in the United States