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Scholarship Program

Mayway Scholarship Program

Mayway’s goal is to provide premium quality, preservative- free Chinese herbs and herbal products in the United States with a commitment to sustainable agriculture, environmental protection, and a concern for species biodiversity and preservation. We promote the acceptance of traditional Chinese medicine as a valuable tool in health and support the work of those with the same goals.

This year, Mayway continues its campaign to partner with the colleges of Oriental Medicine in bringing quality to herbal education. Our Herb ID Kit has been extremely well received by students and teachers of herbal studies. We continue to offer a special relationship with OM colleges that choose to avail themselves of our Preferred Supplier Agreement. We also offer special trainings and classes in herbal manufacturing and herbal industry matters to interested colleges.

To further support this, Mayway is happy to announce that we are again sponsoring a scholarship program for qualified students of Oriental Medicine.

Scholarship Award Levels

DAOM Programs

$1500 Modern Masters® Scholarship

Master’s Programs

$2000 Mayway Scholarship®

Preferred Supplier Scholarship*

$1500 Plum Flower® Scholarship

Eligibility & Requirements

  1. The Mayway Scholarship Program is open to DAOM and Master's level students who are currently enrolled in an ACAOM–Accredited College of Oriental Medicine within the United States and who will be attending a college of OM in the Fall of 2013.
  2. Master's level students shall have completed or be in their final quarter or semester of the college's classes in Materia Medica or Chinese herbs.
  3. Students must have a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.25 in their OM programs.
  4. Although a transcript is not necessary, a letter must be submitted from the College's Registrar attesting to the student's matriculation and standing at the college, completion of the college's herbal classes, and qualifying GPA.
  5. To qualify, the completed application, letter from the Registrar and essay must be submitted to the College's Financial Aid Office by August 15, 2013. The Financial Aid Office needs to forward all materials to Mayway by August 31, 2013.
  6. The awarding of scholarships will be based on scholarly merit rather than financial need.
  7. One entry per person each year is allowed.
  8. The award is a stipend paid to the student.
  9. The Scholarship Awards will be announced in our October Mayway Mailer. Winners will be contacted personally shortly before that time.
  10. Winning entries may be published at Mayway's discretion.


  1. The Student Application form must be completed and signed. Download the Application Form.
  2. Each applicant shall submit an academic essay that demonstrates critical thinking and professional academic writing skills. (For advice on writing see Writing at the University of Toronto, Advice on Academic Writing or similar sources of information)
  3. The Essay should be less than 2000 words.
  4. Essayists should adopt APA style for their work. (See the APA style website if you are unfamiliar with this formatting regimen.) Attributions as to source and a Bibliography must be included.

Essay Questions

For Master's students (Choose 1 of the following):
  1. "How have Chinese herbs been portrayed in Chinese art? Include an example of an herb being used artistically. Send us a copy of a portrait or your original rendering of Shen Nong."

  2. "Do you think it is necessary for all Chinese herb formulas to be prescribed by a Chinese herbalist? Can you imagine Chinese herb formulas for common ailments being sold over the counter in natural/health food stores or in drug stores? Do you think this would advance Chinese medicine or does it pose too great a risk for consumers?"

For Doctoral students:

"How has your practice of herbal medicine changed since you completed your master's degree? What are you doing differently than what you were taught at your TCM College? What challenges are you facing that you did not expect"?

Criteria for judging

A higher evaluation will be given to essays that:
  1. Demonstrate scholarship and critical thinking in the writing of the essay.
  2. Incorporate research of the topic.
  3. Reveal a thorough understanding of Chinese herbs.
  4. Show an understanding of the US and Chinese herbal medicine marketplace.
  5. Demonstrate creativity and originality.

Judges to be announced after submissions are received


* For information for colleges on how to qualify for the Preferred Supplier Agreement Scholarship contact: Skye Sturgeon, OM College Liaison, Mayway USA, 510/208-3113 x8141,