Master Tung’s Magic Points Advanced Series

Master Tung’s Magic Points Advanced Series with Susan Johnson, L.Ac.

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Licensed Acupuncturists and other medical practitioners:
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Part 1 was held October 12th-14th
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Take part in this rare classroom experience. Learn the Magic Points of Master Tung Ching–Chang clearly presented by seasoned practitioner Susan Johnson, L.Ac.

Course description:

Two weekends of 3-day classes will conclude the Master Tung’s Magic Points Comprehensive Series. Students are expected to have some previous experience with the material, unless pre-approved by the instructor. In these two weekends, students will be given a wealth of practical information, and will experience supervised clinical learning.

The two Fridays, October 12 and November 30, will be purely academic. In a classroom setting, the instructor will provide an expanded way of looking at Tung’s Points, by differential diagnosis and disease. Rather than focusing on the points by their anatomical location, as in the Beginning Series, we will study the various points that might be used in treating each particular condition, as determined through differential diagnosis. For example, students will learn how to determine which points to use for certain types of sciatica, headache, asthma, etc. Each of these disease processes can be addressed in multiple ways using Tung’s Points. It is important that students can easily recognize which type of headache they are observing, and how to best go about treating the patient. A wide variety of ailments and their treatment options will be covered. Combinations of Tung’s Points patterns will be formally introduced. Time will be allotted to answering students’ questions, troubleshooting difficult or challenging cases, and championing their successes.

The objectives of the academic portion of the Advanced Series are: to provide practitioners with a clear understanding of differential diagnosis and treatment protocols in relation to Tung’s Points; to help them understand the energetic ways in which point patterns can be intelligently combined to enhance a treatment, or poorly combined to detract or make a treatment ineffective; and to provide a forum for practitioners to receive assistance, support, and encouragement. This is the most academically challenging portion of the Advanced Series.

Saturday’s practicum courses, October 13 and December 1 will take place in a large clinical setting, and will give practitioners the opportunity to practice point location and techniques when using Tung’s Points. Assistant Supervisors will provide each student with individual attention, critique, and support regarding their needling. Students will practice on each other; those with needle phobias or other special needs will be tended to. All acupuncture supplies will be provided.

The objectives of the supervised practice portion of the Advanced Series are: to examine and perfect each practitioner’s point locations and needling techniques used with Tung’s Points; to build practitioner confidence and skill; and to answer questions and concerns that practitioners may have regarding the practical use of Tung’s Points.

The two Sundays, October 14 and December 2, will be devoted to advanced techniques related to the use of Tung’s Points. The first Sunday will begin with a lecture on The Ancient Art of Cupping, which will conclude after lunch. This lecture will include all the different styles of suction technique, as well as gwa sha. Most importantly, significant time will be devoted to patient and doctor interface, safety concerns, and post-cupping expectations. Reasons for cupping and diagrams of cupping patterns will be provided. During the second half of the afternoon, we will break into a clinical setting again, for supervised practice of the suggested cupping patterns. Students are requested to bring pump-up style cups for practicing. No fire cupping will be permitted. The instructor will demonstrate one or two cupping patterns, as desired. Sunday, December 2, the morning will be devoted to lecture and films; demonstration by the instructor will take place after lunch. Students will sit around a central body table and observe. Many different advanced needling techniques will be discussed, as will indications and contraindications, questions, cases, and problem-solving.

The objectives of the advanced techniques portion of the Advanced Series are: to provide Tung’s Points practitioners with the instructor’s best scope of practice, gleaned through more than 25 years of practical clinical experience; and to teach practitioners what they need to know to provide excellent health care for their patients in a safe, sterile, sensitive, and effective way.

Susan Johnson L.Ac.

Susan Johnson has been practicing acupuncture since 1982. A graduate of the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Susan practiced in San Francisco from 1983-88, specializing in the treatment of HIV. She studied Master Tung’s Magic Points with Dr. Miriam Lee and Dr. Young Wei Chieh, Ph.D. for more than 12 years. For the past 24 years, Susan has exclusively used Dr. Tung’s points in her practice. Dr. Tung’s system, which utilizes meridian points in new ways and also includes extra points, can provide perfect keys to the treatment of particularly challenging conditions, in addition to a wide range of common ailments. Dr. Tung’s Points are also immediately useful and instantly effective in most cases. Susan maintains a private practice in Santa Cruz, California. She is a dynamic teacher renowned for her clear presentation of this style of acupuncture.

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Date, Time & Location:

Friday, Saturday and Sunday October 12-14, 2012
Friday, Saturday and Sunday November 30 & December 1-2, 2012
10:00am to 6:00pm
Approved for 39 NCCAOM PDA points and CA CEUs.

Seminar will be held at the Mayway Conference Space located at 1338 Mandela Parkway, Oakland, CA 94607 on both Friday and Sunday weekends, and location for Saturday is still pending.


A massage table, pillow and sheet are required for the class on October 13th and December 1st. Please indicate how many you are able to bring in by calling us or note in the text box on the confirm order page.


Licensed Acupuncturists and other medical practitioners:
Early Bird Special: $500 before November 15th, and $550 afterwards.
Part 1 was held October 12th-14th
Register Now for (Part 2) November 30th - December 2nd

* Paid attendees will receive a $50 gift certificate towards Plum Flower® and Min Shan® brand products.

Sorry, no one-day registrations will be allowed for this weekend seminar.

Cancellation Policy:

80% refund if the cancellation is at least two weeks before the seminar, and none thereafter.

Important Information

Parking: Limited parking is available in our loading dock at the back of the building, on Kirkham Street at 14th Street. Street parking is also available on 14th Street between Mandela Parkway and Kirkham Street, and on Mandela Parkway at the corner of 14th Street. To prevent theft please do not leave belongings visible in your car.

Entry/Exit: Please enter and exit the building using the front door at 1338 Mandela Parkway. Please follow signs to the 2nd floor Conference room. Mayway Staff will be available to assist you.

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* Gift Certificate presented with paid registration on the first day of class. May be used for Plum Flower® and Min Shan® brand products. Limit one certificate per person per class.

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