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Zhi Ke Pi Pa Chong Ji

Loquat & Mulberry Combination Instant Herbal Beverage

Star Ring®

10 pkt/bag

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Zhi Ke Pi Pa Chong Ji

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Chinese Name 止咳枇杷沖劑
Standard Dosage Dissolve 1 packet in 1 cup of hot water 3 x daily as needed
Ingredients (Pin Yin) Pi pa ye, Sang bai pi, Bai qian, Bai bu, Jie geng, Bo he nao
Ingredients Eriobotrya japonica leaf, Morus alba root-bark, Cynanchum stauntonii rhizome, Stemona sessilifolia root, Platycodon grandiflorum root, Menthol
Other Ingredients Cane sugar
Contraindications (on label) Contraindiated during pregnancy
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Barcode 039934837369
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Case Packaging 60 bg (6 pk)

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