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Mayway Owners

Mayway’s mission is to advance the quality of Chinese herbs and to support the use and practice of traditional Chinese medicine.

Mayway is a family business that has been importing and distributing traditional Chinese medicine since 1969. From our humble beginnings as a small herb shop in San Francisco Chinatown, we have grown to become a respected industry leader. We have been at the forefront of raising the quality standards of herbal products within our industry for decades, and are conscientious in our sourcing of herbs and in the processing and manufacturing of our products.

Ever mindful that this medicine can profoundly affect people’s lives, decisions here are made with the utmost care and integrity. We know that high quality, authentic Chinese herbs can greatly enhance and improve health, and we work hard to ensure that our products and services are of exceptional quality.

We believe traditional Chinese medicine should be available and accessible to everyone, and support the use and practice of traditional Chinese medicine through educational programs, community involvement and leadership in the industry. We value and view our relationships with practitioners, traditional Chinese medicine schools, retailers, manufacturers, and the FDA as partnerships that promote public awareness and the safe use of herbs.

Upcoming Events

Seminars & Webinars

Earn CEUs in person, online or at your leisure with Mayway's Seminars! We regularly host educational courses that will benefit your TCM knowledge and improve your practice. Learn more about Mayway's upcoming classes and seminars.

Visit Mayway

Mayway offers bi-annual open houses in the winter to honor Chinese New Year and in September to honor the Mid-Autumn Festival. Stop by for delicious treats, meet the team, and to see the inner-workings of Mayway. Watch our newsletter for announcements! We also offer field trips for local TCM schools. Contact us for more information.

Upcoming Tradeshows

We attend dozens of trade shows every year. Stop by to learn more about Mayway's products, new products coming soon, and to receive a discount coupon for purchasing on our website. We love meeting our customer's in person! See where we're headed!


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