Can the Dispensary crush or pack some herbs separately?
Our dispensary will automatically wrap, crush, or put in teabags as recommended by traditional methods. This is indicated in the ingredient pop-up under "Special Processing". If you would like other ingredients processed or specially packaged, please indicate the ingredient and the request in the "Dispensary Notes" field.
Why is there a limit on the number of custom prescriptions I can include in a single order?
Dispensary services are meant for supporting one-to-one consultations. The FDA has separate regulations for manufacturing. We feel that 14 units per prescription should be sufficient to cover most diagnoses.
How many grams is the spoon that came with my extract powder?
The spoons we provide with our extract powders are 1 gram spoons. However, due to the varying densities of extract powders, it can only be used as an approximation. For more precise dosing we suggest using a gram scale to determine the actual weight of a spoonful.
What are the Dispensary minimum order amounts?
  • $6 minimum order per Whole (Raw) Herb Prescription
  • $12 minimum order per Powdered (Raw) Herb Prescription
  • $20 minimum order per Extract/Granule Powder Prescription
  • Capsuling is charged at $.20/gram with a minimum processing fee of $20.00 per prescription.
How much extract powder goes into each capsule?
Our vegetarian capsules are 500 milligrams in size and hold approximately 400 milligrams of extract powder through our encapsulation service. Exact capsule weight will vary depending upon the herb, batch, and density of the extract powder.
How many milligrams are in the Plum Flower™ capsule products?
Our capsules contain 400 mg of extract powder. The size is 500 mg.
If I have a whole herb formula, how do I translate it into an extract powder formula?
Creating a concentrated extract formula is different from writing a raw herb formula. In fact, it is more like making pills or tinctures, because it requires using a ratio of herbs. For more information, download How to Use 5:1 Powdered Extracts for instructions on how to determine these ratios and how to calculate the number of grams for each herb in the formula. If you are a licensed Practitioner, you can also use our and create your own custom formulas.
What is the shelf life of your extract powders?
A shelf-life is not established. Our testing shows that our extract powders can last for at least 12 months after opening if stored in a cool dry place.
Why did my extract powder harden? Can I still use it?
To make our extract powders as pure and effective as possible, our Plum Flower™ Extract Powders contain little to no fillers or additives. This may cause them to clump or harden on occasion, especially if the herb or formula is naturally sticky or high in sugars.
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