Why did my extract powder harden? Can I still use it?

To make our extract powders as pure and effective as possible, our Plum Flower™ Extract Powders contain little to no fillers or additives. This may cause them to clump or harden on occasion, especially if the herb or formula is naturally sticky or high in sugars. The product can still be used by milling it back into powder using a regular coffee grinder or food processor. To help keep them from clumping, we recommend that the desiccant pack in the cap be exposed, that bottles are recapped tightly, and that some herbs, such as Dang shen, Gou qi zi, Di huang, and formulas such as Gui Pi San be stored in the refrigerator if possible. See our no filler Extract Powder Comparison Video showing how our extract formula compares to others when mixed in water.

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