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January 4, 2024 Newsletter
Qi & Yang Tonics
Ci Wu Jia for Vitality
Qi Gong for Health
January 18, 2024 Newsletter
Release the Exterior Formulas
Recovery Formulas for Lingering Evil Qi
Great Harmonizer Xiao Chai Hu Tang
February 1, 2024 Newsletter
16 Heart Health Formulas
Preparing for Chinese New Year
Atherosclerosis and TCM
March 5, 2024 Newsletter
Compare Skin Formulas
Eczema, Dermatitis & Steroid Withdrawal
Hair Loss & TCM
March 11, 2024 Newsletter
Chinese Medicine Day
History of TCM in America
History of Chinese Patent Medicine
April 2, 2024 Newsletter
Spring Formulas for Sinus & Nasal
Er Long Zuo Ci Wan for Tinnitus
Formulas to Open the Nose & Clear Phlegm
April 17, 2024 Newsletter
Topical Steroid Withdrawal (Part 2)
Chinese Herb-Drug Interactions
New Podcasts!
April 22, 2024 Newsletter
Earth Day
Chinese Herb Garden
Herb Story: Zi Su Ye (Perilla Leaf)
May 2, 2024 Newsletter
First Trimester of Pregnancy
Second Trimester: Month 4
Four Substances Decoction (Si Wu Tang) for Women's Health
May 17, 2024 Newsletter
Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
TCM and Osteoporosis


January 5, 2023 Newsletter
Qi Tonics
Cold Weather Kidney Tonics
Moxa Season Podcast & Article
January 31, 2023 Newsletter
Herbal Medicine during the Pandemic
Recovery Formulas for Lingering Evil Qi
New Online Learning
February 9, 2023 Newsletter
Infertility Case Study
Optimizing Female Fertility
New Courses & Podcasts
February 17, 2023 Newsletter
Holistic Approach to Pregnancy Loss
Male Factor Infertility
February 28, 2023 Newsletter
Stabilizing Shen and Hun
Calm Spirit Soup
Insomnia & Anxiety Formulas
March 8, 2023 Newsletter
Spring I Ching
Formulas to Open the Nose
TCM for Rhinitis
April 4, 2023 Newsletter
Lichen Planus Case Study
Skin Formulas Comparison
How to Make a Salve
April 13, 2023 Newsletter
TCM Treatment for Headache
Headache Formulas Comparison
Beside Three Miles for Migraine
May 3, 2023 Newsletter
Abdominal Distension
Digestive Formula Comparison
Formulas for Food Stagnation
May 16, 2023 Newsletter
Dui Yao: Dang Gui + Huang Qi
Invigorate Blood Formulas Comparison
Yu Dai Wan for Damp-Heat in the Uterus with Leakage
June 1, 2023 Newsletter
IVF for Queer Couples
Inclusion in your TCM Practice
Serving the LGBTQ+ Community
June 7, 2023 Newsletter
TCM for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Majestic Yang Teapills
Men's Essentials Formula Comparison
July 23, 2023 Newsletter
Exploring Fresh Local Food-Herbs
Herbal Tonic Wines
Summer Recipes
August 1, 2023 Newsletter
Xiao Chai Hu Tang
Autism Spectrum Disorder & TCM
Administering Herbs to Children
August 15, 2023 Newsletter
Back to School: A TCM Perspective
Hives & Children
Ear Discomfort & Children
July 23, 2023 Newsletter
Flower Bone Points for Aging Eyes
TCM in Palliative Care & End of Life Care
September 20, 2023 Newsletter
Hallmarks of Aging, Cognitive Decline Patterns
Dui Yao in an Ancient Brain Formula
Longevity Soup Recipe
October 3, 2023 Newsletter
Chinese Medicine Treatment for Cough
Compare 17 Lung Health Formulas
Autumn - The Change of Seasons
October 16, 2023 Newsletter
Supply Chain Update
Sustainability of Chinese Herbal Medicine
26 Triple Threat Formulas
November 1, 2023 Newsletter
Treatment of Obesity with TCM
Food Stagnation Formulas
Herbal Autumn Recipes
November 28, 2023 Newsletter
Giving Tuesday
Four Non-Profits
Highlights from 2023
December 5, 2023 Newsletter
TCM for Depression
Insomnia & Anxiety Formulas Comparison
Treatment of PTSD


January 5, 2022 Newsletter
Kidney Tonics
Kidney Yang Deficiency or Liver Yang Rising?
Cordyceps CS-4
February 1, 2022 Newsletter
2022 New Year Predictions
Wind & Cold Damp Bi
Muskuloskeletal Formulas
February 16, 2022 Newsletter
Two Years Later
Southern Ban Lan Gen
Herbal Chicken Soup
March 25, 2022 Newsletter
Heat & Inflammation
Pathological Triad
Recovery Formulas for Lingering Evil Qi
April 27, 2022 Newsletter
Spring I Ching
Open the Nose Formula Chart
May 11, 2022 Newsletter
Overactive Bladder
Comfortable Menopause
June 17, 2022 Newsletter
Atherosclerosis and TCM
NEW Majestic Yang Teapills
Venison Yang Tonic Soup
July 12, 2022 Newsletter
cPTSD Five Spirits, Five Paths
Anxiety: Unsettled Shen
Helping Children with Autism
August 4, 2022 Newsletter
Make Your Own Chen Pi
Tian Men Dong & Lemongrass Soup
Teapill Manufacturing Upgrades
September 8, 2022 Newsletter
Blood & Immunity
Cordyceps Cs-4
Protect with Jade Windscreen
October 4, 2022 Newsletter
TCM for Cough, Herbalist Corner
Fires & Metal: Lung Formulas
Lung & Throat Protecting Soup
November 1, 2022 Newsletter
Formulas for Food Stagnation,
Abdominal Distension
Safety of Talc
November 15, 2022 Newsletter
Supply Chain Update
Chuan Bei Mu, Pears & Honey Recipe
November 29, 2022 Newsletter
Giving Tuesday
4 TCM Non-Profits
December 6, 2022 Newsletter
Triple Threat Formulas,
Gan Mao Ling vs Yin Chiao
Southern Ban Lan Gen
December 15, 2022 Newsletter
Triple Threat Formulas
Winter Care Kit
Dispensary Triple Threat Formulas
December 28, 2022 Newsletter
Winter Essentials
Winter Recipes
A Recap of 2022


January 4, 2021 Newsletter
2021 TCM Predictions
All about Tonic Formulas
Making Tonic Wines
January 19, 2021 Newsletter
Supporting the Shen
Acupuncture for Emotional Distress
Calm Spirit Soup
February 16, 2022 Newsletter
All about Extracts
Extract Dosing
Comparison Video & more
March 11, 2021 Newsletter
3 Spring Formulas
I Ching Tranquility
Herbalist Corner
April 1, 2021 Newsletter
Recovery Formulas
Ci Wu Jia for Vitality
Stewed Duck Recipe
April 22, 2021 Newsletter
Dispensary Virtual Tour
Prescription Conversions
How to Create a Custom Rx
May 7, 2021 Newsletter
Legend of White Phoenix
Pregnancy First Trimester
May 26, 2021 Newsletter
Comfortable Menopause
Zhi Bai Di Huang Tang Highlighted
Huang Jing Soups
June 15, 2021 Newsletter
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
Kai Kit Wan Highlighted
Male Factor Infertility
July 15, 2021 Newsletter
Stone K Formula
Medicinal Mushrooms
Renewed Formulas
July 29, 2021 Newsletter
Food Stagnation
Summer Recipes
Abdominal Distention
August 12, 2021 Newsletter
Cordyceps CS-4
Kids Immune Systems
The Unsettled Shen
September 21, 2021 Newsletter
Safety of Herbs
Teapill Manufacturing Video
Patent Medicine in China
October 14, 2021 Newsletter
Sustainability of Herbs
Lung Formulas Comparison
Autumn Equinox Soup
November 23, 2021 Newsletter
Giving Tuesday Causes
Autumn Recipes
Food Stagnation Formulas
December 15, 2021 Newsletter
Winter I Ching Message
8 Treasure Duck Recipe
Winter & Essential Formulas


May 7, 2021 Newsletter
2020 Year of the Rat
Coronavirus & Supply
Acup. Without Borders Courses
May 26, 2021 Newsletter
New Formulas for Releasing the Exterior
Lung Clearing Soup
Building a Virtual Practice
June 15, 2021 Newsletter
Prescription Service User Tips
Jade Windscreen Highlighted
Ling Zhi - Mushroom of Mortality
May 7 2020
Damp as a Vector of Pathogenesis
Three Lung Formulas
Qi Gong for Good Health
May 22 2020
Anxiety: The Unsettled Shen
Restful Sleep Formulas Comparison
TCM for Anxiety
June 12 2020
The Great Harmonizer: Xiao Chai Hu Tang
A Message from the I Ching
Harmony Recipe
July 20 2020
Master Tung's Points & COVID
The Road to Recovery
Cooling Summer Teas
August 6 2020
Liniments for Minor Aches & Pains
Cooling Summer Heat: Sang Ju Yin
Essential Travel Formulas
September 2 2020
Two Essential Formulas
Strengthening Children's Resistance
Shonishin Demonstration for Immunity
September 30 2020
Fire and Metal: Fall Lung Formulas
Ear Discomfort in Children
Lung & Throat Protecting Soup
November 19 2020
Purple Cloud Salve
TCM Treatment for Acne
Congee for Beautiful Skin
December 17 2020
Wind & Cold Damp Bi
Musculoskeletal Formulas
Gan Mao Ling vs. Yin Chiao


March 6, 2019 Newsletter
2019 Year of the Pig
Adverse Effects of Sulfur
Adzuki Bean & Squash Recipe
May 28, 2019 Newsletter
Women's Voices in TCM
First Trimester of Pregnancy
Yu Di Wan for Women's Health
September 3, 2019 Newsletter
Master Tung for Migraine
TCM Acne Diagnosis
Si Ni San to Release Constraint


January 24, 2018 Newsletter
2018 Year of the Dog
Why Herbs go Out of Stock
Herbal Tonic Wines
February 8, 2018 Newsletter
Growing Herb Demand
TCM Herbalist Best Practices
About Mayway's Herbal Dispensary
March 22, 2018 Newsletter
Determining the Right Dosage
Herb Dyed Easter Eggs
Egg & Bitter Melon Recipe
May 31, 2018 Newsletter
Stabilizing the Shen: Insomnia
Adaptogens & Chinese Herbs
New! Southern Ban Lan Gen Tablets
July 25, 2018 Newsletter
Teapill Manufacturing Upgrades
Chinese Herbs in the Pacific NW
Needling Double Child Double Fairy
September 6, 2018 Newsletter
Pediatric Fevers
Are you Under-Prescribing Extracts?
Autumn Lung Recipe
November 15, 2018 Newsletter
Abdominal Distension
FDA & Product Claims
How to Bring In More Patients
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