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Part of our quality assurance is in choosing exceptional manufacturing partners to create our products. We work with the government-rated top 1% of traditional Chinese medicine manufacturers in all of China.

All of our manufacturing partners comply with stringent Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards. GMP certification means the site, personnel, and methods employed in the production of our products have been subject to a thorough quality control investigation and maintain compliance. The certification process covers everything from the building and grounds, equipment, sanitation and hygiene, air and water purification, to personnel training, production protocols and documentation.

These standards for manufacturing are the guidelines upon which our manufacturers base each decision, and give us the confidence to say that they are among not only the best herbal product manufacturers in China, but in the world.

Mayway Hebei Chinese Medicinal Herbs Co. Ltd

Mayway Hebei is situated in Anguo, China’s ancient Herb Capital, in Hebei province. Built in 1996, and expanded in 2008, Mayway Hebei is a modern herb processing enterprise. Its GMP–certified manufacturing facility is over 200,000 square feet with the capability of processing over 8,500 metric tons of herbs per year. It also has separate toxic herb processing and herb extraction clean areas. Mayway Hebei is the proud producer of Plum Flower® Premier Quality Herbs.
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Guangzhou Pangaoshou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Established in 1890 during the Qing Dynasty, Guangzhou Pangaoshou began as a locally renowned Chinese herbal pharmacy. To bridge the gap between traditionally brewed Chinese herbal teas and western medicine, in 1928 Pan Yusheng, grandson of the founder, bottled the first Chinese herbal syrup, Loquat and Fritillary Extract. Guangzhou Pangaoshou is known as the premier manufacturer of herbal liquids and syrups in China and its award-winning products are used around the world. Mayway distributes a range of Pangaoshou products, including cough syrups, lozenges and liquid extracts.

Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd

Located in the city of Lanzhou, the first Chinese city on the Ancient Silk Route, Lanzhou Foci is the producer of many Plum Flower® teapill, tablet, and formula extract powder products. It is the largest traditional Chinese medicine manufacturer in China’s western region, and its beautiful pills are considered the best in China. In addition to its China Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification, it has also been GMP certified by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) since 1996.
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Guangzhou Qixing Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

The Guangzhou Qixing Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd. was established over 130 years ago in Guangzhou. It is ranked among the top 50 of Chinese herbal medicine enterprises in China and the top 50 industrial enterprises in Guangzhou. Many of our Plum Flower® Traditional tablets and teapills are made in cooperation with Qixing, and we proudly distribute their Star Ring® granular infusion products.
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Chengde Jingfukang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd

Established in 1952 in picturesque Chengde (the location of the “Mountain Resort” or Qing Dynasty Summer Palace, a UNESCO world heritage site), the Chengde Jingfukang Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. was originally an herb shop with medicine preparation done in the back premises. It has since grown into the top TCM product manufacturer in Hebei Province. Besides being named one of the top 50 TCM enterprises in China, it was also named one of China’s top 500 enterprises nationally. It researched, developed, and produces our Modern Masters® Neck formula. Chengde Jingfukang also manufactures many of our single herb extract powders.

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