About Mayway's Dispensary

Our cGMP and HIPAA compliant Dispensary accepts prescription orders from Licensed Health Professionals and approved TCM students to compound formulas for individual patients. Try the dispensary by logging in and visiting the Dispensary section of our website. Don't have a Mayway account? Creating an account is free! Click here to get started.

For over 55 years, Mayway has provided Chinese herbal solutions for practitioners like you. And with our herbal dispensary, we've taken the guesswork out of creating custom formulas. Use one of our 90+ formula templates as your prescription starter, then add, edit, or remove ingredients to fit your individual patient's needs. You can also refer to our articles discussing Granule/Extract Powder Dosing, take a deep dive into what 5 to 1 really means, and learn the different options for cooking whole herb formulas. We even have tips for combining granules/extracts with whole herbs and learn how to convert a whole herb formula into a granule/extract formula.

Need to polish your herbal prescription writing skills? Try one of our continuing education courses on the topic!

Why use Mayway's dispensary?

  • Modify one of our 90+ formula templates or create a prescription from scratch. Then save it as your own!
  • Boost treatments with 500+ Plum Flower® Premium Quality raw herbs, powders, and granules/extract powders.
  • Full traceability from ingredient batch to bottle.
  • Quickly refill or modify saved prescriptions in your account.
  • Ship directly to patients for no additional fee.
  • Same day shipping for orders received by noon on business days.
  • Encapsulation services for granule/extract formulas.
  • Professional pharmacy mixer ensures even dosing.
  • Automatically convert whole herb formulas into extracts/granules. See how our prescription system does it for you!

Create, save, and modify your prescriptions in our web database for easy access.

For quality assurance purposes, prescriptions may only be ordered through our website, by fax, or by e-mail (sales@mayway.com). To ensure accuracy and prompt service, we recommend that prescriptions be placed through our online Dispensary. Any modifications to submitted orders must be made in writing or through our website. Mayway's Herbal Dispensary is a prescription filling service and is not registered for manufacturing operations with the FDA. The Dispensary does not manufacture herbal formulas intended for general resale. All formulas must include an individual patient's name and not just the formula or product name. Formula purchases are limited to 14 per prescription order. Mayway reserves the right to refuse orders if we suspect that they are not for individual patients. Encapsulated extract formulas incur a fee of $.30/gram with a $30 minimum encapsulation fee per prescription.

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