School Partnership & Incentive Program


Our Partnership & Incentive Program (PIP) supports the success of schools that offer courses in Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as their instructors and students. We believe that developing an awareness of herb quality is an integral part of learning about herbs, and that high quality herbs should be the benchmark used in TCM Colleges whether in the classroom or the clinic. Plum Flower™, Min Shan® and Bamboo Pharmacy™ products and Herb ID Kits can provide the best opportunity for students to consolidate their studies with their experience in the clinic.

School Benefits

  • An on-going, 20% discount* on purchases of pills, tablets, capsules, liniments, extracts and whole/powdered herbs from our Plum Flower™, Min Shan®, and Bamboo Pharmacy™ brands.
  • Newly participating Colleges receive a $500 buy-in credit
  • Free shipping with qualified orders
  • An opportunity to receive $2000 scholarship funds
  • Complimentary reference books and an Herb ID Kit
  • Free virtual classes from Teachers of the Mayway Consultation Staff
  • Special Instructor and Student Discounts
*Based on single orders of $500+

For a complete list of benefits and program information, please contact Skye Sturgeon, Mayway OM College Liaison, at 510-208-3113 ext. 8141 or email

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