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Authentic Chinese Herbal Medicine since 1969
Plum Flower® Herbal Teas

Our Brands

Our carefully chosen manufacturing partners are ranked in the top 1% in all of China. Each manufacturer is Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified, and our teapill and tablet producers are certified for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, not just traditional Chinese medicines. Among the top 50 of over 2,000 factories, our manufacturing partners are recognized leaders in the field.


Plum Flower Brand LogoPlum Flower Herbal products linePlum Flower® products were created by Mayway to ensure that high-quality, safe and effective products would be available in America and Europe. Our wide range of products include species-authenticated herbs, high quality extracts and classical formulations, as well as modern, innovative Chinese medicinal products. We apply advanced quality standards to our products while maintaining the essence and wisdom of our ancient herbal traditions.


Min SHan Brand logoBamboo Pharmacy LineBamboo Pharmacy® is the consumer brand created by Mayway®. This line consists of a short list of highly effective herbal products that address consumers' every day health concerns. The products are packaged in colorful boxes with easy to understand product names and descriptions to encourage consumers and patients to try traditional Chinese medicine, possibly for the first time. As with our Plum Flower® brand, the Bamboo Pharmacy® line follows the same advanced quality standards including species-authenticated high quality herbal extracts produced in a carefully controlled GMP environment.



Min SHan Brand logoLanzhou Min Shan herbal pills lineMayway is also the proud and sole distributor for the original Lanzhou Foci, Min Shan® teapills in the U.S. Widely viewed as the highest quality teapills in China and the world, Min Shan® teapills have been produced at the Lanzhou Foci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd, since 1929. They pioneered the manufacturing of extracted teapills, and their products are the genuine and original “Lanzhou Pills”.  Their domestic and internationally GMP certified factory and products have won numerous awards for quality and excellence. Each batch of Min Shan® teapills is tested for microbials, heavy metals, and a host of other important quality control parameters.



Gold Gryphon LogoGold Gryphon Brand Tian Men DongGold Gryphon® herbs are carefully selected, traditionally processed, and quality control tested at Mayway Hebei. Gold Gryphon® adheres to the same quality assurance standards as Plum Flower® Premier Quality Herbs, but may contain sulfur dioxide residues in excess of 10mg/kg.


Pan Gao Shou logoPanGaoShou Cough syrups and throat dropsSince 1890, Pan Gao Shou® liquid extracts and lozenges are from the Guangzhou Pangaoshou Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., the premier manufacturer of herbal liquids, lozenges and syrups in China whose award-winning products have been used around the world.



Star Ring Brand logoStar Ring Brand infusions for coughStar Ring® infusions are among the most effective and best tasting granular teas from the renowned and acclaimed Guangzhou Qixing Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.