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Episode : Watermelon Tonic + Mung Bean Dessert Soup Recipes

August 12, 2022

Photo of watermelon tonic drink

Drinking the slightly bitter tonic watermelon tea is a perfect way to cool down and nourish Qi, Blood and Yin in the summer heat. Or try the Chilled Mung Bean and Coconut Milk Dessert Soup! According to traditional Chinese medicine, Lü Dou/mung beans are sweet and cold, enter the Heart and Stomach, and they clear heat, relieve toxicity, dispel summer heat, relieve thirst and restlessness/irritability. Both are perfect for soothing overheating effects of the long summer days with elevated temperatures. Listen & Subscribe Here or check out the full recipes: Watermelon Tonic Tea & Chilled Mung Bean with Coconut Milk

Episode : Purple Cloud Healing Salve DIY

August 5, 2022

Photo of purple cloud salve

Have you ever wanted to make your own therapeutic ointments from Chinese herbs? Dr. Skye Sturgeon will teach you how to make Zi Yun Gao, a famous, over 350-year-old Chinese herb formula that’s applicable for a variety of skin conditions containing Zi cao, Dang gui, and Gan cao plus optional Shend di huang and Huang qin. Listen & Subscribe Here OR visit the article page for the full recipe and demonstration video!

Episode 6: Five Spirits, Five Paths

July 29, 2022

Photo of depressed young woman

Dr. Kim Periano, DACM, L.Ac. presents the topic Complex PTSD. The consistent devaluation of our intrinsic goodness as human beings is often reduced to only the value we provide another, rather than who we are as a person, unique and full of passion and creativity. The effects of this type of society extend beyond making ends meet and feeling safe. Over time this can actually cause significant trauma, now known clinically as Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (cPTSD). Listen & Subscribe Here

Episode 5: Restful Sleep Formulas

July 22, 2022

Photo of Three Sleep Formulas

Do current events keep you up at night, causing restless sleep? Vivid dreams or nightmares? Disturbed Shen can contribute to sleep complications and increased stress. While acupuncture can certainly help with Shen disturbance and provide relaxing relief, oftentimes, the proper use of herbs will prove to be a longer-term solution. We take a deeper look at three formulas for Calming the Shen that may lead to more peaceful sleep: An Mien Pian, An Shui Wan, and An Shen Bu Xin San/Wan. Listen & Subscribe Here

Episode 4: The Legend of the White Phoenix

July 15, 2022

Photo of White Chicken

The Chinese phoenix/feng huang (鳳凰) is a symbol of joy and peace believed to appear only during times of harmony and prosperity. She represents the power sent from the heavens to the Empress and favors leaders who are just and without corruption. If a phoenix is used to decorate a house, it signifies that the people who live there are loyal and honest. She is the Yin equivalent of the dragon and is often depicted together with the dragon to symbolize the happy, harmonious union of Yin and Yang. Listen & Subscribe Here

Episode 3: TCM Heat and Inflammation

July 8, 2022

Inflammation Graphic

Latent heat as a Chinese medicine concept has ancient origins dating to the Huangdi Nei Jing and the Shang Han Lun, first appearing in Chapters 3 and 5 of the Su Wen. It was used to explain how the exposure of a Cold pathogen, believed to occur in winter, changed to Heat in the spring. Latent Heat has developed into a useful concept to explain how Internal, Organ, or Blood Heat can arise without obvious disease proceeding through the Four Levels or Six Stages. In this episode, you will learn more about Latent Heat, Lingering Evil Qi, Inflammation, the Immune System, and more. Listen & Subscribe Here

Episode 2: Year of the Tiger Predictions - Mid-Year Check In

July 1, 2022

Year of the Tiger graphic

This episode is a mid-year check-in of licensed acupuncturist Wendy Goldman’s 2022 Year of the Water Tiger Predictions. Wendy walks us through the year's energies and gives insights into treating patients and living in harmony with the universe. According to Chinese philosophy, we have the concepts of Yin and Yang, and Heaven, Earth and Humanity. The way these elements combine determines the energy for the year. Listen & Subscribe Here

Episode 1: The Mayway Story

June 29, 2022

Lau Family Photo 1978

In our inaugural episode, Mayway President Yvonne Lau tells the story of her 50+ year-old family business—how it started and how it evolved into the company it is today. Filled with childhood memories of growing up in Chinatown among herbs, it chronicles the Lau family’s journey to their American Dream. Listen & Subscribe Here

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