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Episode 100: Si Wu Tang: Four Substances Decoction

May 17, 2024

image of a bottle of four substances si wu tang on top of herbs

Learn about the history of Si Wu Tang, from its trauma treatment origins to its modern use in women's health, and its literary links across a millennium from ancient text to modern translation and its reference in Lisa See's novel, Lady Tan's Circle of Women. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 99: Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder and TCM

May 10, 2024

image of a woman holding her stomach in a painful manner

This episode with Dr. Kim Peirano explores PMDD, its symptoms, and how Traditional Chinese Medicine can offer natural solutions. Dr. Kim delves into the science behind PMDD and how TCM formulas like Yue Ju Wan can help ease symptoms, potentially providing relief beyond what conventional medicine offers. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 98: The Second Trimester, Month 4

May 3, 2024

image of a daoist sketch relating to pregnancy

Renowned obstetrics expert Raven Lang discusses ancient Chinese texts that offer surprising insights into the 2nd trimester. She explores fetal development, meridian theory, and pulse diagnosis for a unique perspective on the 4th month of pregnancy. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 97: Eczema, Atopic Dermatitis & Topical Steroid Withdrawal (part 2)

April 26, 2024

photo of case study showing improved eczema

Licensed Acupuncturist David Heron returns to continue his discussion on Eczema, Atopic Dermatitis and Tropical Steroid Withdrawal. In Part 2, he shares a patient's journey with this condition including treatment and formulas. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 96: The Chinese Herb Garden

April 19, 2024

photo of shan zha

Dr. Jasmine Oberste delves into the fascinating story of the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden's Chinese Medicinal Herb Garden. You'll discover how this unique garden came to be, learn about the surprising number of medicinal plants you might already have growing around your house, and explore the joy of cultivating your own herbal oasis. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 95: Tinnitus and Er Long Zuo Ci Wan

April 12, 2024

photo of a woman holding her ears closed

Janet Borges discusses Er Long Zuo Ci Wan, a formula commonly used to address tinnitus linked to Kidney and Liver Yin deficiency. You'll hear about a case study and explore its potential applications. Learn how this time-tested formula might benefit your patients experiencing tinnitus. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 94: Chinese Herb-Drug Interactions

April 5, 2024

photo of a spoon with herbs and drug pills on it

Many are using TCM alongside prescription COVID-19 drugs. But can these therapies mix safely? In this episode Dr. Skye Sturgeon, explores potential interactions between herbs and drugs, using the example of Paxlovid and Qingfei Paidu decoction. Learn how these treatments might work together or against each other, and discover resources for a deeper dive into COVID-19 therapies. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 93: Eczema, Atopic Dermatitis & Topical Steroid Withdrawal

March 29, 2024

photo of an 18 year old man with severe eczema on his face

Licensed Acupuncturist David Heron delves into the complexities of atopic dermatitis, commonly known as eczema, and explores the potential pitfalls of overreliance on topical steroid creams. He also highlights the promise of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a potential solution. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 92: Overactive Bladder: A TCM Perspective

March 22, 2024

photo of a middle aged woman hiking

In this episode, Dr. Kim Peirano discusses the TCM approach to helping patients with an overactive bladder. Dr. Kim will take a look at acupuncture treatment and Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation for patients struggling with Overactive Bladder and how herbs can be another adjunctive option to help curb symptoms and treatment of the root of the issue. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 91: Qi Bao Mei Ran Dan / Seven Treasures for Hair

March 15, 2024

photo Seven Treasures for Hair formula in front of hair brush

Learn about the classical formula Qi Bao Mei Ran Dan, or Seven Treasures for Hair. In TCM, deficiency of almost every kind, especially of Jing and Blood, can manifest as hair concerns. In this episode, you'll learn how this formula, originally designed to address fertility issues, has a wide range of applications in modern clinical use. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 90: Hair Loss and TCM

March 8, 2024

photo of hairbrush with hair in it

Yvonne Lau, the President of Mayway Herbs, discusses the TCM perspective on hair loss. For millennia, vibrant hair has been a symbol of health, vitality, and beauty. Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes this connection, viewing hair health as a reflection of the body's internal balance. This episode delves into the causes of hair loss, exploring both internal and external factors. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 89: Children with Hives

March 1, 2024

photo of child's stomach with hives

In this episode, Raven Lang, L.Ac., O.M.D. discusses a TCM approach to hives in children from her 30+ years of work specializing in women's health and pediatrics. This episode is a clip from the Mayway course "TCM Pediatrics and Shonishin" now available as video on demand. Listen & Subscribe Here or check out the full online course.

Episode 88: Atherosclerosis and Traditional Chinese Medicine

February 23, 2024

graphic showing clogged artery with atherosclerosis

Dr. Skye Sturgeon discusses the risk factors of coronary artery disease with a focus on atherosclerosis. Dr. Sturgeon talks about differential diagnosis and which herbal strategies may assist in supporting individuals coping with this condition. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 87: History of the Mayway Building

February 16, 2024

photo of the mayway building

Richard Lau, the CFO of Mayway Herbs, shares the history of our Mayway Herbs building here in West Oakland, California. We find it pretty fascinating ourselves, and thought you would enjoy this tiny bit of Oakland history. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 86: 2024 Year of the Wood Dragon Predictions

February 9, 2024

graphic of Chinese cut out of a dragon

Get ready for the ride of a lifetime in the Year of the Yang Wood Dragon! In this episode, Wendy Goldman gives fascinating insights into the upcoming 20-year cycle shift and the dynamic interplay between Heaven, Earth, and Humanity. Prepare for dramatic shifts, tech innovations, and endless opportunities in the energies shaping our world in 2024. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 85: Chineses New Year Holiday Traditions

February 2, 2024

photo of several Chinese red envelopes

Hear Yvonne Lau, President of Mayway Herbs, and Eva Lau, Vice President of Mayway Herbs, as they dive into the vibrant world of Chinese New Year! Yvonne and Eva are here to guide you through preparations before the festivities begin and through the 15 days of festivity and fascinating traditions. Discover how to ensure good health, maximize your luck, and usher in new beginnings with age-old customs. From lucky foods to festive decorations, and even a few surprising superstitions, Yvonne and Eva share their insights and family favorites to make your Chinese New Year truly unforgettable. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the Preparing for Chinese New Year and the Chinese New Year Traditions articles.

Episode 84: Novel Formulas for Releasing the Exterior: 2024

January 26, 2024

photo of a bottle and bag which are custom Mayway herbal formulas

Dr. Skye Sturgeon discusses the current surge of the "triple threat" in the US, and what we can do as TCM herbalists. Dr. Sturgeon takes a look at unique herbal formulas based on TCM differential diagnosis to tackle challenges posed by COVID-19, RSV, and influenza. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 83: The Great Harmonizer: Xiao Chai Hu Tang

January 19, 2024

photo of a pile of herbs that make up xiao chai hu tang

In this episode, Janet Borges discusses Mark W. Frost's research on Xiao Chai Hu Tang. A classic Chinese herbal formula that has been used for centuries to harmonize the body and mind. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 82: Cordyceps Cs-4: A Sustainable Alternative

January 12, 2024

photo of a bottle of Bamboo Pharmacy Cordyceps Cs-4

Dr. Skye Sturgeon discusses Cordyceps Cs-4, a sustainable alternative to cordyceps. This is considered a rare herb in that it harmonizes both Yin and Yang. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 81: I Ching Reading for 2024

January 5, 2024

photo of a baby with a towel over their head

In this episode, Dr. Skye Sturgeon shares an I Ching reading for 2024. Following the celestial pivot of the Solstice, there is a return to the beginning. Thus, the next hexagram in the sequence is Wú wàng. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 80: Shen Qi Wu Wei Zi Wan / Abundant Qi Teapills to Strengthen Wei Qi and Calm the Shen

December 29, 2023

graphic of abundant qi plus teapills with whole herbs

This episode discusses the formula Shen Qi Wu Wei Zi Wan, also known as Abundant Qi Plus Teapills. This formula is known for strengthening Wei Qi and calming the Shen. This episode covers TCM diagnosis, presentations, tongue and pulse, and clinical comments. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 79: 復 Fù / Return, Revival, Inflection Point, Winter Solstice

December 22, 2023

graphic of a hexagram with rainbow colored herbs

Dr. Skye Sturgeon gives us a winter solstice I Ching reading. The time of complete darkness is past. This is Fù 復, the Inflection Point. A time of Return and Revival. The winter solstice brings the return of light. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 78: Releasing Trauma: Considering Late- vs Early-Onset in the Treatment of PTSD

December 15, 2023

graphic of a wooden puzzle with a piece missing that says PTSD on it

Dr. Catherine Lumenello explores the different treatment approaches for late-onset and early-onset PTSD, emphasizing the importance of understanding the cause of trauma to effectively address the symptoms. She also highlights herbal formulas and acupuncture techniques for both types of PTSD. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 77: Treatment of Depression with Chinese Medicine

December 8, 2023

graphic showing patterns of depression

In this episode, William Maclean discusses the comprehensive and personalized approach to treating depression with TCM and how to address the root causes of the condition rather than just the symptoms. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 76: Anxiety: The Unsettled Shen

December 1, 2023

photo of a bottle of bu nao pain with a scatter of the herbs that are in the formula

Anxiety is the most common mental complaint in the United States, affecting up to 40 million adults 18 years of age and older. Often overlooked in the western treatment of anxiety is the inter-relationship between body and mind. In this episode, we explore the TCM approach and learn about formulas that help Settle the Shen. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 75: Giving Tuesday: Highlighting 4 Non-Profits

November 24, 2023

photo of a seated elderly woman receiving acupuncture

This episode highlights four non-profit organizations making a global impact. Listen to learn more about their cause or click below to read about each cause and to see their photos from the field. Listen & Subscribe Here
Acupuncturists Without Borders | Charlotte Maxwell Clinic | Universal Holistic Healthcare | Your Life Medicine

Episode 74: 'Tis the Season for Curing Pills

November 17, 2023

photo of 3 boxes of curing pills

This episode is all about Curing Pills. As most practitioners who have used this prescription know, its results are exceptional. It often seems as though there are no digestive complaints that Curing Pills cannot resolve! So, what is it that makes this formulation so universally effective? Find out in this episode! Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 73: Navigating Holiday Eating - Healing the Yi Spirit

November 10, 2023

photo of a foot stepping onto a scale

Dr. Kim Peirano, DACM, L.Ac., discusses strategies for managing holiday eating and its relationship to nurturing the Yi spirit. Dr. Kim is a practitioner who follows the principles of Health at Every Size (HAES) and views the common question of how to avoid weight gain during this festive season as a gateway to addressing a more extensive cultural issue, that of a pervasive tendency toward fat stigmatization with an excessive focus on weight loss and so-called 'healthy' eating at any cost. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 72: Treatment of Obesity with Chinese Medicine

November 3, 2023

graphic of internal organs with a highlight on the digestive system

William Maclean discusses the global obesity epidemic and how understanding its intricate causes and therapeutic possibilities is paramount. William Maclean explores the invaluable role of Chinese medicine in addressing the physiological components contributing to obesity, including slow metabolism, digestive inefficiency, insulin-related issues, and fatigue. And finally, he discusses the nuanced patterns and treatments to combating obesity and promoting holistic well-being. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 71: Herb Supply & Sustainability Update October, 2023

October 27, 2023

photo of a flooded crop

Mayway's own Eva Lau gives an update on the current state of the herb supply chain including global demand changes and disastrous weather events that have disrupted the delicate balance of the herb supply chain. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 70: The Change of the Seasons: Preparing for Autumn

October 20, 2023

photo of a sliced pear

We discuss how to prepare for a seamless transition into the autumn season, exploring essential tips and insights on aligning your lifestyle and diet to the shifting energies of autumn. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 69: The Chinese Medicine Treatment of Cough

October 13, 2023

graphic of a five element chart

William Maclean discusses the aetiology, diagnosis, and treatment of coughing. Coughing in TCM is simply a failure of the natural descent of Lung qi or a rebellion of Lung qi upwards. Most types of cough respond quite well to TCM treatment, especially acute coughs due to invading exterior pathogens. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 68: Dui Yao in an Ancient Brain Formula

October 6, 2023

graphic of an open book showing 2 herbs ren shen and da huang

This episode is part two of Dr. Lana Farson's series on Dui Yao. Explore the synergy of the Dui Yao pair Rén shēn + Dà huáng and their profound effects on cognitive health. This episode sheds light on their opposite temperatures and functions but complementary actions through the lens of Zhang Zhong-Jing’s classic harmonizing formula, Chai Hu Jia Long Gu Mu Li Tang. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 67: TCM Treatment for Cognitive Decline Patterns

September 29, 2023

graphic of a head made of puzzle pieces with 4 pieces missing in the brain area

Hayley Gardner discusses the application of TCM in treating cognitive decline patterns. This includes the key principles, diagnosis methods, and herbs used to address cognitive decline, providing valuable insights into cognitive health care for any practitioner.Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 66: Longevity, TCM and the Hallmarks of Aging

September 22, 2023

photo of 2 elderly male hands

Dr. Skye Sturgeon discusses the natural senescence of human physiological integrity and the accompanying impaired function, which leads inevitably to death. The hallmarks of aging are described from the perspectives of both traditional Chinese medicine and biomedicine along with strategies to prolong longevity.Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 65: Treatment of headache with Chinese Medicine, Part 2

September 15, 2023

Diagram of a head indicating common places for headaches in the forehead and eyes

William Maclean returns with his Part 2 discussion on etiologies of headaches in TCM and how they can be treated with acupuncture, herbal medicine, and other TCM modalities. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article. You can listen to Part 1 here.

Episode 64: Flower Bone Points for Aging Eyes

September 8, 2023

Photo the bottom of two feet with acupuncture needles in the points called flower bone points

Susan Johnson, L.Ac. discusses Flower Bone points and herbal formulas for aging eyes. Master Tung’s Points known as 55.02 Flower Bone One is the most extraordinary point pattern Susan has used for eye disease. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 63: TCM in Palliative and End of Life Care

September 1, 2023

Photo of trees in sunlight

Dr. Kim Peirano discusses the use of East Asian medicine for improving quality of life of terminal patients. The role of Chinese medicine and acupuncture in palliative and end of life care is by no means as researched or studied as the care and treatment of disease and illnesses like cancer, but its role is powerful, impactful and has the ability to significantly improve the quality of life of terminal patients up until their transition. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 62: Ear Discomfort in Children

August 25, 2023

Photo of a young child holding his ear in a painful way

An understanding of the unique nature of children's physiologies from the TCM perspective is essential in both diagnosing the specific nature of these clinical pictures, and in putting together an effective treatment strategy. It is also important to distinguish between acute and chronic ear conditions, as these are treated differently. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 61: Back to School: A TCM Practitioner's Perspective

August 18, 2023

Photo of 2 school kids wearing backpacks

Amy Mager, L.Ac. discusses a look at preparing children and families for the upcoming school year, methods to prepare our immune systems, and options for addressing illness if an attack occurs. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 60: Pediatric Shonishin: An infant to adult case study

August 11, 2023

Photo of Raven Lang

Raven Lang, acupuncturist and herbalist specializing in pediatrics and obstetrics, discusses a case study where she documents treatment patterns for a pediatric patient from infancy into adulthood. As the child grows, he is able to advocate for his needs of needles and herbs while learning how to address some health concerns on his own as a teenager. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Special Episode: Growing Up with Herbs, A Podcast with Qiological

August 8, 2023

Graphic of Qiological logo with an ear and music symbols

Yvonne Lau, President of Mayway Herbs, talks with Michael Max of Qiological. Hear the story of Yvonne's path and what it was like growing up and working in a Chinese herb shop as a child. (Yvonne's portion of the Qiological podcast begins at the 24:50 mark.) Listen to this special Qiological Podcast

Episode 59: Autism Spectrum Disorder - A Chinese Medical Perspective

August 4, 2023

Graphic of puzzle indicating autism spectrum disorder in two hands

Janet Borges shares Lola Burmeister's research on the Chinese medicine holistic approach to treating Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and how it addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. She explores the benefits of Chinese medicine for children with ASD, and provides resources for parents and caregivers. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 58: Fresh Local Food-Herbs

July 28, 2023

Photo of several herbs that are also food

Yvonne Lau, President of Mayway Herbs, highlights several easy to source Chinese medicinal herbs that are also excellent culinary herbs. Chinese dietary therapy emphasizes the concept of Yao Shi Tong Yuan 药食同源 “medicine and food have the same origin”. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 57: Women in TCM - Interview with Sally Rappeport

July 21, 2023

Photo of Sally Rappaport

From our 2019 series "Women's Voices in Traditional Chinese Medicine," we present an interview with Sally Rappeport, a seasoned practitioner with a profound passion for medicinal herbs and organic growth in the U.S. Discover her inspiring journey through ancient texts, her creation of the Shen Nong Society, and the relevance of Chinese medicine in our modern world. Don't miss this enlightening conversation with Sally. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 56: Essential Travel Formulas

July 14, 2023

Photo of travel formulas

Summertime is a season of relief and relaxation, and for escaping the usual themes of daily life that we follow the rest of the year. Whether it's a quick weekend trip to a local lake or beach campground, a pilgrimage to see family, or a longer grand adventure, we pull out the travel list and get packing. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 55: Majestic Yang Teapills

July 7, 2023

Photo of a bottle of Majestic Yang Teapills

Majestic Yang Teapills endeavors to treat various deficiencies by tonifying Yang, strengthening Qi and Blood, and nourishing Jing-essence. It is an intricate formula that, in addition to Yang tonic herbs, contains herbs to tonify and nourish Yin, Blood, Essence, and Qi. It was created to provide practitioners with another option for a wide range of deficiency patterns, particularly relevant in this post pandemic era where so many folks may have been struggling with long term illnesses. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 54: Case Study: Kidney Yang Deficiency or Liver Yang Rising?

June 30, 2023

Photo of an older man on the phone with his head in his hand looking depressed

Dr. Skye Sturgeon discusses a frequently asked question: "Is it Kidney Yang Deficiency or Liver Yang Rising?" as he presents a case study of a 68-year-old man seeking assistance for various everyday issues. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 53: TCM for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

June 23, 2023

Graphic that says featured article: Men's Health Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Whilst not explicitly discussed in the classical Chinese medical literature, the prostate is considered part of the Kidney organ system in contemporary texts. Although the influence of the Kidneys is paramount, the prostate is also directly influenced by the Liver organ system, and indirectly by the Spleen and Lungs. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 52: Health Tips for the Dragon Boat Festival

June 16, 2023

Photo of a zongzi rice dumpling

Mayway's Vice President Eva Lau reveals health tips to elevate your Dragon Boat Festival experience based on folk customers that are still practiced today. Learn about Zongzi, the use of moxa, and how to make your own herb sachets. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 51: IVF and Queer Couples: A Practitioner's Perspective

June 9, 2023

Photo of a two people looking at an ultrasound of a baby

Rachel Blunk, L.Ac, FABORM discusses two cases of queer couples using IVF to achieve pregnancy. The topic of sperm donor selection, the expense of IVF, and the factor of age for egg quality are all discussed. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 50: Inclusion in Your TCM Practice

June 2, 2023

Photo of a hand holding a cutout of people of different colors holding hands

In this episode, we explore the transformative power of inclusivity as we delve into practical strategies for fostering a supportive healthcare environment for patients of all backgrounds. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 49: A Comfortable Menopause

May 26, 2023

Photo of older women doing yoga

Today we delve into an insightful article by Laura Stropes L.Ac. on the TCM approach to a comfortable menopause. In the past 50 years, TCM practitioners in China concluded that perimenopausal symptoms could be diagnosed and treated as a whole, and that they were almost exclusively due to the decline of Kidney Jing-essence. Discover expert tips and strategies for navigating menopausal symptoms with grace and ease. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 48: Yu Dai Wan Teapills for Damp Heat in the Uterus with Leakage

May 19, 2023

Photo of the Chinese formula Yu Dai Wan

In this episode, we explore the herbal formula Yu Dai Wan. This remarkable remedy specifically targets Damp-heat in the uterus, a condition that often leads to fluid leakage and its accompanying discomfort. Join us as we dive into the intricacies of Yu Dai Wan teapills and their extraordinary potential to clear Damp-Heat in the Lower Jiao, offering relief from a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 47: "Sitting the Month" Chinese Postpartum Resting Month

May 12, 2023

Photo of a woman holding a newbord baby

Have you heard of the Chinese postpartum tradition of "resting month"? Join us for our latest podcast episode with Laura Stropes as she explores the benefits of this ancient practice. Laura guides us through the ins and outs of the resting month tradition and shares valuable insights on postpartum wellness. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 46: The First Trimester of Pregnancy

May 5, 2023

Drawing of a pregnant woman

In this episode, we're joined by Raven Lang, a seasoned teacher of natural childbirth, TCM obstetrics, and pediatrics with almost 50 years of experience. Raven shares her insights, observations, and the classical Chinese medicine perspective on the crucial first trimester of pregnancy. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 45: Dui Yao: Dang Gui + Huang Qi & Dan Gui Bu Xue Tang

April 28, 2023

Photo of dang gui and huang qi

Dr. Lana Farson discusses the topic of Duì Yào pairings. Duì Yào refers to two herbs used together to enhance and harmonize their medicinal effects. You'll learn about Dāng guī and Huáng qí, a pair of herbs that work together to supplement both Qi and Blood. This episode will cover the benefits of this pairing and how it can be used to treat various Qi and Blood deficiencies. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 44: Treatment of Headache with Chinese Medicine

April 21, 2023

Diagram of a head indicating common places for headaches in the forehead and eyes

In Part 1 of William Maclean's discussion on the various etiologies of headaches in TCM, Will talks about how to use acupuncture, herbal medicine, and other TCM modalities to help patients. Acupuncturists will often see patients that have chronic, recurrent type headaches, many of which have an internal and external component. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 43: Beside Three Miles for Shao Yang Type Migraine

April 14, 2023

Image of 2 acupuncture needles in a leg showing the pattern Beside Three Miles

In this episode, Susan Johnson, L.Ac., discusses Master Tung's points Beside Three Miles and its potential benefits for migraines. Susan dives into the history and application of the points and gives tips for effective needling techniques.Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 42: Purple Patch Wind, Zi Dian Feng: Lichen Planus Case Study

April 7, 2023

Image of a rash on a back

Discover the ancient Chinese medicine treatment for a skin disease that affects millions worldwide, causing itching, purple patches, and plaques. Learn about lichen planus, known as Zi Dian Feng (紫癫风) in Chinese medicine, which has been recognized and treated for over 1000 years. You'll hear about a case study of a 54-year-old patient seeking treatment for lichen planus after conventional treatments failed, and discover the various types, causes, and treatment principles involved in Chinese medicine dermatology.Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 41: Cang Er Zi and Xin Yi Hua

March 31, 2023

Image of Mark Frost video

Mark Frost, Herbal Chair at American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) joins Mayway to highlight 2 important herbs for dispelling Wind Cold and Wind Heat. Cang Er Zi and Xin Yi Hua are discussed including their TCM functions and how to select the best herbs for your patients. Listen & Subscribe Here or watch the video.

Episode 40: I Ching: Lín 臨 Approach of Spring

March 24, 2023

Image of flowers in snow

The hexagram Lín 臨 corresponds to the twelfth month of the lunar calendar which is usually found in January or early February. The character Lín 臨 is translated as “coming just before” or “just about to occur” and in most translations of the I Ching, it is rendered as “Approach”. Since this is written in February and the solar calendar places Spring several weeks hence, I see this as “The Approach of Spring”. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 39: A Brief History of TCHM in America

March 17, 2023

Image of a chinatown pharmacy

Chinese medicine has a long history here, even before the Chinese ever set foot in America. During America’s colonial period, Chinese tea, and herbs such as rhubarb, cinnamon, cardamon, and camphor crossed the ocean to the new world, just as Appalachian wild ginseng went east. White Americans learned about Traditional Chinese Medicine not only through the herbs they consumed but also through European and American merchants, missionaries, and medical scientists who went to China, studied, and sometimes adopted Chinese therapeutic practices. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 38: Chinese Treatment of Rhinitis

March 10, 2023

Image of a woman sneezing

In a TCM context, allergens that trigger an episode of rhinitis are a form of external Wind. This Wind is able to invade the nose in the absence of an adequate defense by wei qi, and then remain there. The chronic itching and sneezing of rhinitis is due to the persistence of this external Wind in the mucous membranes of the nose. Uncharacteristically for Wind generally, this Wind can remain in the nose for months or years if the wei qi is too weak to expel it. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 37: Wind and Cold Damp Bi

March 3, 2023

Image of a woman holding a painful knee

One of the most common reasons that patients seek treatment from licensed acupuncturists is for musculoskeletal aches and mild pain (Tòng 痛), both acute and chronic. In traditional Chinese medicine, this often is interpreted as Obstruction Syndrome (Bì zhèng 痺症). Muscular and myofascial complaints can often be remedied through acupuncture, e-stim and related modalities including releasing trigger points, moxibustion, cupping, bleeding, and superficial application of heat and cold, while Obstruction Syndrome really lends itself to an herbal approach. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 36: Musculoskeletal Discomfort Formulas

February 24, 2023

Image of 3 chinese formulas used for bi pain

Chronic and acute musculoskeletal complaints comprise a large percentage of patients seen, and much of acupuncture's acclaim and acceptance is the result of our success in this area. The addition of herbal prescriptions to enhance the healing process provides an even more restorative treatment strategy to relieve muscle, tissue and joint discomfort.Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 35: Infertility: Male & Female Case Study

February 17, 2023

Image of 2 sets of hands over a pregnant stomach

The topic of fertility treatment is more pertinent than ever, as young adults today are finding it increasingly difficult to conceive due to the effects of long-term stress, lack of sleep, EMF exposure, environmental toxins, and so many other reasons that create hormonal disruption and imbalance. This article discusses points and formulas used for infertility and discusses a case study of a man and woman and their successful pregnancy.Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 34: Pregnancy Loss

February 10, 2023

Image of 2 sets of hands in a compassionate pose

Fertility and women’s health is a very popular acupuncturist and herbalist’s specialty. Success stories permeate, giving hope to those who wish to become pregnant and have had difficulty in the past. These successes are wonderful; however, not every patient has this success story. In this episode, Dr. Kim Peirano discusses miscarriage and how to support a patient through the loss of a pregnancy. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 33: Male Factor Infertility

February 3, 2023

Image of swimming sperm

The incidence of male factor infertility is believed to be increasing in the Western world. It is associated with problems of sperm quality and/or delivery with numerous factors implicated, including low sperm concentration, non-liquefaction of semen, high proportion of abnormal sperm, sperm motility problems and structural impediments in the reproductive pathway. In this episode, William Maclean gives us an in-depth look into male infertility. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 32: Liu Wei Di Huang Tang

January 27, 2023

Image of six flavor teapills lei wei di huang wan

Mayway's own Yvonne Lau discusses the formula Liu Wei Di Huang Tang (also known as Six Flavor Rehmannia). This humble six-ingredient formula is used to tonify Liver and Kidney yin, created by Qian Yi and recorded to his "Key to Therapeutics of Children's Diseases" 小儿药证直诀 around 900 years ago, forms the basis of a myriad of modifications. According to folks at Lanzhou Foci (the makers of the Plum Flower© version), Liu Wei Di Huang Wan is the most popular classical TCM formula used in China today. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 31: 2023 Year of the Water Rabbit Predictions

January 20, 2023

Image of red chinese paper cutout rabbit graphic

The Lunar New Year arrives on January 22nd and brings us the Year of the Yin Water Rabbit. What does the Rabbit have in store for 2023? The biggest difference is that last year was a Yang year and this year is a Yin year. Yin and Yang are opposites, and we really see the difference in these two years. Wendy Goldman, L.Ac. analyzes the energies of the Year of the Yin Water Rabbit and provides her predictions for our year ahead. Listen & Subscribe Here or read the full article.

Episode 30: Cold Weather Kidney Tonics

January 13, 2023

Image of 3 kidney tonics right side replenishing teapills, golden book teapills, two immortals teapills

Winter is an ideal time to strengthen and tonify the Kidneys to ensure the Yang Qi is warming the interior, channels, and collaterals. The TCM functions of the Kidneys include storing the Essence, governing fluid metabolism in the lower burner and lower extremities, receiving the Qi from the Lungs, ruling the two lower orifices, regulating reproductive and sexual function, and housing the Life Gate (Ming Men – 命門) Fire. In this episode, Janet Borges discusses Mayway Herbs' three popular Kidney tonic formulas: Golden Book/Jin Gui Shen Qi Wan, Right Side Replenishing/You Gui Wan, and Two Immortals/Er Xian Wan.
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Episode 29: Ling Zhi: Mushroom of Immortality

January 6, 2023

Image of dried reishi mushrooms

Ling Zhi is one of the most recognized Chinese herbal medicines, both in appearance and in its many significant medicinal properties. It has been used for thousands of years to enhance health, clear mind and spirit, and to promote longevity. This extraordinary medicinal mushroom is also one of the most extensively researched traditional herbal medicines. Despite this knowledge, there often remains confusion within the TCM community as to when and how to utilize this extraordinary gift of nature.
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Episode 28: Moxa Season

December 30, 2022

Photo of a hand holding a smoking moxa pot

In this episode, you will hear an excerpt from Susan Johnson’s video "Use of Moxa", where she discusses how to use a moxa pot for treating your acupuncture patients and some common points for placement of the moxa pot for great success. Moxa is an excellent way to deeply warm the body between the change of seasons.
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Episode 27: Suan Zao Ren and Bai Zi Ren

December 23, 2022

photo of professor Mark Frost next to suan zao ren and bai zi ren

Mark Frost, L.Ac. and herbal chair at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, San Francisco highlights 2 important herbs: Suan Zao Ren and Bai Zi Ren. The herbal functions are compared and the TCM functions are discussed along with how to select the best herb option for your patients.
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Episode 26: Astragalus and Immunity

December 16, 2022

Image of dried slices of astragalus root

This episode is recorded from an article written by Kim Chatfield where he discusses our immune system in relation to Astragalus. Kim highlights modern research showing how Astragalus affects our immune system at a molecular level and how it can support a variety of health conditions from common cold to recurring infections.
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Episode 25: Acupuncture Strategies to Support the Shen

December 9, 2022

Image of hands inserting acupuncture needles

In this episode, we will discuss four acupuncture treatment strategies to support the shen. These four treatments offer a variety of ways to help our patients with emotional and psychological complaints. The effects of these treatments are to return the patient to a deepened state of peace, acceptance of circumstance, and a feeling of being reunited to the peace and security of the higher self within.
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Episode 24: Stabilizing Shen & Hun: Insomnia

December 2, 2022

Image of tired woman looking at an alarm clock

In this episode, William Maclean will discuss insomnia and stabilizing the Shen and Hun. Roughly 60 million Americans suffer from some form of insomnia, yet Western medicine does not have a clear solution to this problem. Will Maclean takes an in-depth look at instability or agitation of the shén and hún associated with sleep disorders. He explores the underlying causes within this framework, listing key diagnostic points for the most common clinical presentations and offering treatment advice based on the evaluation of the patient. Listen & Subscribe Here

Episode 23: Giving Tuesday - a Highlight of 4 TCM Non-Profits

November 25, 2022

Image of two women getting ear acupuncture

Listen to an overview of 4 TCM non-profits and the good they are doing in the world. First up is Acupuncturists Without Borders - a global organization providing trauma support during disasters along with ongoing support for refugees, veterans, and underserved farmworkers. Next is the Acupuncture Relief Project providing healthcare to patients in Nepal in a community acupuncture style. Third is Universal Holistic Healthcare, an organization promoting integrative healthcare to underserved and under-resourced communities both domestically and globally. And last is Charlotte Maxwell Clinic, an integrative non-profit in Oakland, California providing care for low-income women with cancer. Listen & Subscribe Here

Episode 22: Herbal Supply Update, Fall 2022

November 18, 2022

Image of woman standing on cracked dry land

Eva Lau, Vice President of Mayway Herbs, provides an update on the current state of the Chinese herbal medicine supply chain. Discussions include the impact of the supply chain caused by the pandemic along with natural disasters including flood, drought and earthquakes. Learn how climate change is contributing to challenges for sourcing important medicinal herbs.Listen & Subscribe Here

Episode 21: Three Herb Formulas for Food Stagnation

November 11, 2022

Image of 3 herbal formulas for food stagnation

Food stagnation corresponds to indigestion or an upset stomach. Food stagnation is not a disease but rather a variety of symptoms that are experienced; including mild abdominal pain or cramping and a feeling of fullness soon after eating. In this podcast, Skye Sturgeon covers three popular formulas for Food Stagnation; find out which formula is best for you and your patients. Listen & Subscribe Here

Episode 20: Abdominal Distension

November 4, 2022

Image of man holding his stomach in pain

In this episode, William Maclean, M.Sc. Chin. Med discusses abdominal distension, fu zhang and pi man. Fu zhang refers to a sense of fullness, discomfort, blockage or obstruction across the either the upper or lower abdomen, or across the abdomen as a whole. Pi man is distension specifically in the epigastric area. As a general rule, abdominal distension is due to an obstruction to the correct movement of Spleen and Stomach qi. The obstruction itself may be due to the presence of some pathogen, internal or external or due to weakness or stagnation of qi. Listen & Subscribe Here

Episode 19: Lingering Pathogens with Will Maclean

October 28, 2022

Course information image for Lingering Pathogens continuing education class

In this episode, you will hear an excerpt from Will Maclean’s course on Lingering Pathogens. These disorders are characterized by persistent illness or morbidity subsequent to an acute infectious process that was unresolved, poorly managed or occurred in an individual without the resources to throw it off. Will defines a lingering pathogen and how they may differ based on geographic location. Listen & Subscribe Here or take the full continuing education course for 9 CEUs/PDAs!

Episode 18: Moxa Strengthens the Kidneys and Mingmen Fire

October 21, 2022

Photo of a smoking moxa pot

Moxa is an excellent way to deeply warm the body, more important now, as we head into fall and winter. In fact, between the change of seasons, there is a two to four week period which my friend, Dr. Hoang Ta, refers to as “Moxa Season.” During this interval, he says that the “Life Gate is open.” If a person is to become ill during this time, the illness is said to invade the body more deeply and be quite difficult to expel. Susan Johnson has experienced this first hand and discusses the use of moxa for strengthening the kidneys and mingmen fire. Listen & Subscribe Here

Episode 17: Medicinal Mushrooms

October 14, 2022

Photo of Mark Frost L.Ac. with medicinal mushrooms in the foreground

Professor Mark Frost, L.Ac., from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, highlights 3 medicinal mushrooms: Reishi (Ling zhi / Ganoderma), Shiitake (Xiang gu), and Maitake (Hui shu hua). While all three are known for their traditional Chinese medicine use benefiting qi, blood, and overall health, Shiitake and Maitake are also common culinary herbs. Reishi is said to calm the spirit, nourish the blood, and regulate pathogenic dampness; Shiitake for benefiting the liver and relaxing the vessels and channels; Maitake for regulating the blood and harmonizing. Listen & Subscribe Here OR Watch the Video Here

Episode 16: Fires and Metal: Fall Lung Formulas

October 7, 2022

Picture of mountains in a haze of smoke

The Lung is called the tender organ because it is the most external organ and connects the body to the outside world. Therefore, the Lung is easily attacked by external pathogenic factors such as wind-cold or wind-heat, and is very susceptible to dryness, especially in Autumn. Because of its dry, hot nature and the fact that it carries toxic particles, wildfire smoke and wood smoke are generally considered a combination of dryness, heat and heat-toxins in Chinese medicine. Exposure may present as a wind-heat or wind-dryness invasion in some people. Listen & Subscribe Here

Episode 15: History of Patent Medicine

September 30, 2022

Picture of 3 men making ancient herbal formulas

What are now commonly referred to as “patent” medicines are prepared or manufactured Chinese herbal medicines, such as teapills and tablets, which have been made according to standard herbal formulas created hundreds and in some cases even thousands of years ago. The earliest records of prepared or “patent” medicines were some ancient formulas designed to be administered as “honey pills.” These earliest “patents” were discovered in the Wu Shi Er Bing Fang (Formulas for the Treatment of 52 Diseases), a medical book recovered from Ma Wang Dui Tomb Three in Hunan province in 1973. This work appears to have been composed during the Warring States Period (403 B.C. - 221 B.C.) before the end of the third century B.C. and includes details of than 250 medicinal substances and many herbal formulas. Listen & Subscribe Here

Episode 14: Protect them with Jade Windscreen

September 23, 2022

Graphic the 3 herbs that make up Jade Windscreen Yu Ping Feng San

For countless generations, Jade Windscreen Powder (Yu Ping Feng San) has been utilized to address surface deficiency patterns that lead to spontaneous perspiration, aversion to wind, and frequent invasions of common pathogenic influences. These complaints are the result of surface deficiency due to deficient or unregulated Wei Qi. The etiology of Wei Qi deficiency are manifold and determined by a comprehensive differential diagnosis. The most common causes of deficient Wei Qi include Lung, Spleen and Kidney deficiency patterns. Professor Mark Frost discusses Jade Windscreen, the 3-herb powerhouse formula that addresses surface deficiency patters that may cause invasions of common pathogenic influences. Listen & Subscribe Here

Episode 13: Exploring Blood and Immunity

September 16, 2022

Graphic image of the contents of blood

There is often a tendency in TCM education to equate the TCM concept of Wèi Qì (衞氣) with the immune system and this leads to oversimplification and misunderstanding. In traditional Chinese medicine, while there are obvious areas of conceptual overlap, the biomedical “immune system” must also include other facets of Qi plus aspects of the TCM concepts of Blood, Yang, Yin, Jing, and Marrow to be properly understood. In this episode, Dr. Skye Sturgeon explores a more complete understanding of how to assess the condition of a patient’s blood by providing insight into the use of a common laboratory test, i.e., the Complete Blood Count (CBC) with Differential. Listen & Subscribe Here

Episode 12: Interview with Raqib Katz - 30+ year L.Ac., Herbalist & Teacher

September 9, 2022

Photo of Raqib Katz

Yvonne Lau, the president of Mayway Herbs, interviews Raqib Lynn Katz, a practicing acupuncturist and herbalist with over 30 years of experience. Raqib is currently an Associate Professor of Herbology at Five Branches University. Her background also includes dance movement therapy, bodywork, and physical therapy.
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Episode 11: Herbalist Corner: Huang Qi L& Fang Feng

September 2, 2022

Photo of Mark Frost

Professor Mark W. Frost, MSTCM, L.Ac., Herbal Chair at American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM), joins us to highlight two important herbs for immunity. Huang Qi and Fang Feng are discussed including their TCM functions and how to select the best herbs for your patients.
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Episode 10: Strengthening Children's Resistance to Illness

August 26, 2022

Photo of smiling children ginsengs

In TCM terms, the defense against illness is referred to as Wei Qi. The Spleen is the origin of Wei Qi, and the Lungs are responsible for its spreading and distribution out to the surface of the body. Children by nature have immature Spleens, and as a result their Wei Qi is also less well-developed. In addition, many children are finicky eaters, posing further challenges to strong Wei Qi. Thus, doing what we can to enhance strong Spleen and Stomach Qi, and maintain a healthy balanced diet can go a long way to prevent illness. Listen & Subscribe Here

Episode 9: Finding the Right Ginseng

August 19, 2022

Photo of different ginsengs

Ginseng is arguably one of the most well-known Chinese medicinal herbs, yet the word is casually used to refer to many different herbs, some with slight variations and others with completely different actions. Panax ginseng, Siberian ginseng, American ginseng, Eleuthero and others are all discussed. This week, we take a look at all of the “ginsengs,” help you identify true ginsengs, and the TCM differences between them. Listen & Subscribe Here

Episode 8: Watermelon Tonic + Mung Bean Dessert Soup Recipes

August 12, 2022

Photo of watermelon tonic drink

Drinking the slightly bitter tonic watermelon tea is a perfect way to cool down and nourish Qi, Blood and Yin in the summer heat. Or try the Chilled Mung Bean and Coconut Milk Dessert Soup! According to traditional Chinese medicine, Lü Dou/mung beans are sweet and cold, enter the Heart and Stomach, and they clear heat, relieve toxicity, dispel summer heat, relieve thirst and restlessness/irritability. Both are perfect for soothing overheating effects of the long summer days with elevated temperatures. Listen & Subscribe Here or check out the full recipes: Watermelon Tonic Tea & Chilled Mung Bean with Coconut Milk

Episode 7: Purple Cloud Healing Salve DIY

August 5, 2022

Photo of purple cloud salve

Have you ever wanted to make your own therapeutic ointments from Chinese herbs? Dr. Skye Sturgeon will teach you how to make Zi Yun Gao, a famous, over 350-year-old Chinese herb formula that’s applicable for a variety of skin conditions containing Zi cao, Dang gui, and Gan cao plus optional Shend di huang and Huang qin. Listen & Subscribe Here OR visit the article page for the full recipe and demonstration video!

Episode 6: Five Spirits, Five Paths

July 29, 2022

Photo of depressed young woman

Dr. Kim Periano, DACM, L.Ac. presents the topic Complex PTSD. The consistent devaluation of our intrinsic goodness as human beings is often reduced to only the value we provide another, rather than who we are as a person, unique and full of passion and creativity. The effects of this type of society extend beyond making ends meet and feeling safe. Over time this can actually cause significant trauma, now known clinically as Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (cPTSD). Listen & Subscribe Here

Episode 5: Restful Sleep Formulas

July 22, 2022

Photo of Three Sleep Formulas

Do current events keep you up at night, causing restless sleep? Vivid dreams or nightmares? Disturbed Shen can contribute to sleep complications and increased stress. While acupuncture can certainly help with Shen disturbance and provide relaxing relief, oftentimes, the proper use of herbs will prove to be a longer-term solution. We take a deeper look at three formulas for Calming the Shen that may lead to more peaceful sleep: An Mien Pian, An Shui Wan, and An Shen Bu Xin San/Wan. Listen & Subscribe Here

Episode 4: The Legend of the White Phoenix

July 15, 2022

Photo of White Chicken

The Chinese phoenix/feng huang (鳳凰) is a symbol of joy and peace believed to appear only during times of harmony and prosperity. She represents the power sent from the heavens to the Empress and favors leaders who are just and without corruption. If a phoenix is used to decorate a house, it signifies that the people who live there are loyal and honest. She is the Yin equivalent of the dragon and is often depicted together with the dragon to symbolize the happy, harmonious union of Yin and Yang. Listen & Subscribe Here

Episode 3: TCM Heat and Inflammation

July 8, 2022

Inflammation Graphic

Latent heat as a Chinese medicine concept has ancient origins dating to the Huangdi Nei Jing and the Shang Han Lun, first appearing in Chapters 3 and 5 of the Su Wen. It was used to explain how the exposure of a Cold pathogen, believed to occur in winter, changed to Heat in the spring. Latent Heat has developed into a useful concept to explain how Internal, Organ, or Blood Heat can arise without obvious disease proceeding through the Four Levels or Six Stages. In this episode, you will learn more about Latent Heat, Lingering Evil Qi, Inflammation, the Immune System, and more. Listen & Subscribe Here

Episode 2: Year of the Tiger Predictions - Mid-Year Check In

July 1, 2022

Year of the Tiger graphic

This episode is a mid-year check-in of licensed acupuncturist Wendy Goldman’s 2022 Year of the Water Tiger Predictions. Wendy walks us through the year's energies and gives insights into treating patients and living in harmony with the universe. According to Chinese philosophy, we have the concepts of Yin and Yang, and Heaven, Earth and Humanity. The way these elements combine determines the energy for the year. Listen & Subscribe Here

Episode 1: The Mayway Story

June 29, 2022

Lau Family Photo 1978

In our inaugural episode, Mayway President Yvonne Lau tells the story of her 50+ year-old family business—how it started and how it evolved into the company it is today. Filled with childhood memories of growing up in Chinatown among herbs, it chronicles the Lau family’s journey to their American Dream. Listen & Subscribe Here

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