Bi Yan Qing Du Chong Ji

Bi Yan Qing Du Chong Ji Instant Herbal Beverage
10 pkt/bag
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Bi Yan Qing Du Chong Ji

Other Product Names: 鼻咽清毒沖劑

Mayway Product Note: Temporarily Out of Stock due to exorbiant price of ingredient Chong lou.

Standard Dosage: Dissolve 1 packet in 1 cup of hot water 2 x daily as needed

Ingredients: Chrysanthemum indicum flower, Xanthium sibiricum fruit, Paris polyphylla rhizome, Rubus parvifolius root, Zanthoxylum nitidum root, Prunella vulgaris spike, Gentiana scabra root, Codonopsis pilosula root

Ingredients (Pin Yin): Ye ju hua, Cang er zi, Chong lou, Mao mei gen, Liang mian zhen, Xia ku cao, Long dan cao, Dang shen

Other Ingredients: Cane sugar

Label Warning: Contraindiated during pregnancy

Packaging: 10 pkt/bag

Barcode: 039934837406

Case Packaging: 60 bg (6 pk)

Chinese Name: 鼻咽清毒沖劑

Chinese Brand: 星環牌®

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