Soup Mix- Lung Yin Tonic

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Soup Mix- Lung Yin Tonic

Other Product Names: 潤肺湯

Ingredients: Polygonatum odoratum rhizome, Organic Glehnia littoralis root, Organic Lycium barbarum fruit, Ophiopogon japonicus tuber,Organic Panax ginseng root (white)

Ingredients (Pin Yin): Yu zhu, Bei sha shen, Gou qi zi, Mai men dong, Ren shen (bai)

Additional Information: Give your chicken soup a boost with this Lung Tonic herb pack from Plum Flower®, which includes Ren shen bai, Mai men dong, Yu zhu, Bei sha shen and Gou qi zi. Full soup recipe included on the bag, or add the pack to your favorite homemade soup recipe. Proprietary blend.

Packaging: 1 Bag

Barcode: 739934003510

產品: 潤肺湯

成份: 玉竹, 北沙參(有機), 枸杞子(有機), 麥門冬, 人參(白,有機)

包装: 1 包

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