As a Practitioner, can I include product claims on my Prescription labels?

Under the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) dietary supplements must not contain any information in the labeling or marketing of the product that makes health claims. Mayway complies with DSHEA regulations so you will notice that our website, labels and marketing materials do not have any health claims. We ask that practitioners who use our Mayway dispensary service refrain from putting any information on the label that could be construed as a medical claim. Information on DSHEA regulations can be found on the FDA Website. Information on DSHEA regulations can be found in our article.

Examples of unacceptable prescription label claims:

  • For lung infection. Take 3 times before meals.
  • Yeast infection formula
  • Ann's Headache Formula

Examples of acceptable prescription labels:

  • Xiao Yao plus Dang Shen, Take 3 times daily with meals
  • Clear Heat from Skin Formula
  • Dan's Better Sleep Formula

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