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Mayway Debuts New Bamboo Pharmacy Line

November 21, 2014

Mayway at Green FestivalWe introduced our new Bamboo Pharmacy line at the San Francisco Green Festival at Fort Mason on November 14-16 to warm reception and praise. In addition to a beautiful retail display, we offered complimentary acupressure lessons and ear seed treatments for basic conditions including stress, sleep, immunity, and digestion. This was especially popular, with the line for this service 6 people deep at times! Visitors showed great interest in learning the simple acupressure techniques and about the benefits of Chinese Medicine generally. We answered many questions, and more often than not recommended that the person seek the diagnosis and advice of a qualified practitioner. Incidentally, the Festival was also attended by a number of licensed acupuncturists, both as visitors and exhibitors, who were unanimous in their support for our efforts to offer authentic traditional Chinese medicine and education to the general public. 

From the almost two hundred formulas we carry, we carefully selected 10 for our Bamboo Pharmacy line that address some of the most common occasional health concerns of today's consumer. The line includes Curing Pills, Gan Mao Ling, and Pe Min Kan Wan, which been redesigned with clear, consumer-friendly names such as Digestive Health Support, Winter Defense, and Seasonal Nasal Support to encourage demystification of the medicine.

Our primary goal with this new line is to raise awareness and trust of herbal alternatives by the American public. By getting a few safe and effective products into the hands of more consumers, presented in a way they may be more comfortable with, we are building their trust in Chinese Medicine. Positive therapeutic results from over-the-counter products such as ours may lead them to seek practitioner help when serious health issues arise. We also hope to encourage the separation of the Plum Flower® brand as a true professional line and Bamboo Pharmacy as a consumer brand that will help make Chinese medicine more accessible and familiar to the general public.

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