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Mayway Dispensary

Mayway Dispensary

The Mayway Dispensary accepts custom prescription orders from Licensed Health Professionals and students with approval from a licensed practitioner. For quality assurance purposes, custom prescriptions may only be ordered through our website, by fax or by e-mail ( Any modifications to submitted orders must be made in writing or through our website.

  • Prescriptions may be filled with whole herbs, herb powder, and extract powders.
  • Choose from our extensive pharmacy of over 600 Plum Flower® Premium Quality herbs and extract powders to create high quality customized formulas.
  • Extract powders may be encapsulated upon request for 15 cents per gram. There is a minimum $12 encapsulation fee per prescription.
  • Ingredient costs vary by herb and dosage form, and it is recommended that current pricing be checked online or through a salesperson.
  • FDA-compliant allergen warnings are listed on labels when relevant.
  • Ingredient batch tracing and testing records for individual ingredients are available upon request.
  • Prescriptions sent in by 12 noon Monday through Friday are normally filled and shipped the same day.
  • Prescriptions may be shipped directly to patients at no additional charge.

To ensure accuracy and prompt service, and for added value, we recommend that prescriptions be placed through our Mayway Dispensary. Our Online Dispensary allows you to create, save, and modify your prescriptions in our web database for easy access.

  • Create prescriptions using our searchable herb database
  • Save your prescriptions online
  • Edit and refill existing prescriptions
  • Provide instructions to your patients with each prescription
  • Save patient addresses in your own online address book

Food allergen labeling.
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In accordance with FDA’s Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA), the Mayway Herbal Dispensary includes the following statement on all prescription labels: “Allergy Info: prepared in a dispensary that handles soy, wheat, tree nuts, and gluten.”

Labels of prescriptions with ingredients known to contain major allergens will state: “Contains: (relevant allergen)“. Potential allergen containing herbs are as follows:

  • Soy: dan dou chi, e jiao, he shou wu, lu jiao jiao
  • Wheat: fu xiao mai, shen qu
  • Tree nuts: shen qu, xing ren, hu tao ren, tao ren, bai guo, yu li ren
  • Gluten: mai ya, yi tang, fu xiao mai, shen qu