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During the 2021 Pacific Symposium, Mayway provided 3 Continuing Education Courses presentations. You can now watch the playback videos below! And if you missed receiving continuation credit, check our future newsletters where we will announce how to receive distance learning credit on these courses, plus announcements for new courses. Stay tuned!

Course Descriptions

Intro to Marketing Your Practice

with Dana Yates, Mayway Digital Marketing Manager
Presented on Thursday, October 28, 2021

In this 1 hour continuing education course, Dana Yates of Mayway Herbs reviews marketing tactics that can help develop your practice, find new patients, and increase your revenue. This course discusses marketing ideas at a high level and is intended to encourage creative thinking for your specific marketing needs. At the end of this course, you will leave with tips for expanding your online marketing presence and 10 things you can do this week to kickstart your marketing goals.

Coming Soon: Distance Learning for 1 NCCAOM PDA in PE-CW
Coming Soon: Distance Learning for 1 Live CEU from California Acupuncture Board in Category 2

Field to Market: How the Quality & Safety of Chinese Herbs are Ensured

with Dr. Skye Sturgeon, Mayway Quality Assurance Manager
Originally recorded in 2019 and replayed during Pacific Symposium 2021

This course was presented to the member schools of the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine and consists of lecture and discussion supported by a slide presentation. The topic is an overview of how Chinese herbs and herbal products are regulated, the steps that are taken to ensure that the correct species of herbs are authenticated, and how quality parameters are defined and confirmed.

Coming Soon: Details on how to receive Distance Learning Credit for 1 NCCAOM PDA in Safety
Coming Soon: Details on how to receive 1 Distance Learning CEU from California Acupuncture Board in Category 1

TCM Manufacturing in China

with Yvonne Lau, President of Mayway Herbs
Presented October 30, 2021 (includes a 75 minute presentation and 15 minute Q&A session

Yvonne Lau, President of Mayway Herbs, provides an overview of how herbs are grown, and the basic manufacturing processes of pills, tablets, and extract powders in China. This course includes an introduction to Good manufacturing practices and quality control aspects. Attendees will also gain a basic understanding of the regulations involved and the questions to ask their suppliers to ensure that the products they are dispensing are high quality and safe.

Coming Soon: Distance Learning for 1 NCCAOM PDA in Safety
Coming Soon: Distance Learning 1 CEU from California Acupuncture Board in Category 1

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More About Mayway

Herbal Dispensary

Our cGMP compliant Dispensary accepts prescription orders from Licensed Health Professionals (and students with approval from a licensed practitioner) to compound formulas for individual patients. Mayway's Herbal Dispensary is a prescription filling service and is not registered for manufacturing operations with the FDA. The Dispensary does not manufacture herbal formulas intended for general resale. All formulas must include an individual patient's name and not just the formula or product name. Formula purchases are limited to 14 per prescription order. Mayway reserves the right to refuse orders if we suspect that they are not for individual patients.
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Plum Flower® Teapills, Tablets, Patent Medicine

The right medicine at the right time is key, and with almost 200 classical and modern formulas to choose from, our convenient, high quality teapills and tablets can support both general and specialized practices. Manufacturing and quality standards are based on those outlined in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, ensuring safety and efficacy. Raw materials are tested and species verified, then extracted together as a formula and processed according to strict GMP specifications. Extensive laboratory testing throughout confirms quality and our commitment to authentic, real Chinese Medicine.
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Plum Flower® Extracts & Granules

Flexibility at your fingertips. Choose from 70+ pre-decocted formulas and 450+ single herb extract powders and granules to create the exact prescription your patient needs. Our formulas are 100% filler-free, and because they’re made in an enclosed system that preserves essential oils, pure and powerful. Our single herb extracts are made the same way but with just the smallest amount of dextrin for added stability. Strict GMP manufacturing and extensive laboratory tests on every batch confirm quality and our commitment to authentic, real Chinese Medicine.
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Plum Flower® Herbs

Plum Flower Raw Herbs A purist? Go old-school and choose from 450+ whole herbs and powders for a complete herbal pharmacy. Our geo-authentic herbs are tested, species verified and processed according to Chinese Pharmacopoeia methods under strict GMP specifications. Together with our special cutting and drying techniques and our meticulous vacuum packing and nitrogen injection process results in high quality, clean herbs without sulfur dioxide treatment or other preservatives. Extensive laboratory tests on every batch confirm quality and our commitment to authentic, real Chinese Medicine.
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Herb ID Kits

Mayway Herb ID KitsOur premium student Herb ID Kits feature unparalleled quality and value. The kit contains approximately 350 herb samples supplied in a small re-sealable plastic bag and is accompanied by a flash card with a photo of the herb and pertinent information including Names, Functions, Properties, and Channel Tropism.
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