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The Effects of the Use of Sulfites and Sulfur Fumigation

By Skye Sturgeon, DAOM, L.Ac., Quality Assurance Manager, Mayway Herbs
March 4, 2019 No comments

Mar 5, 2019 3:01:56 AMThere are well documented effects and adverse effects regarding the creation and use of sulfur dioxide and sulfites on the environment, on the food we eat, and in the production of wine. In this article, I will focus on the known adverse effects of the use of sulfur dioxide, sulfites, and sulfur fumigation on the health of humans and the quality and efficacy of Chinese herbs.

Bu Yang Huan Wu Wan / Great Yang Restoration Teapills

By Mayway Staff
February 28, 2019 No comments

Bu Yang Huan Wu Wan is primarily indicated to support recovery from an internal wind-strike, especially when the patient both suffers from difficulty regaining function in the body and head, and experiences great exhaustion.

Community Mandala at Mayway

By Mayway Staff
February 28, 2019 No comments

In February, visitors participated in creating a a community mandala, which was built with herbs instead of sand, and by the skilled hands of local practitioners during the 2 weeks it was set up in our foyer.

Year of the Earth Pig: Health Predictions for the TCM Clinic

By Wendy S. Goldman, L.Ac.
February 21, 2019 No comments

2019 year of the Pig In 2019 we shifted from the Yang of the Earth Dog year to the Yin of the Earth Pig (or Boar). The easy-going Pig is not without his issues! The energetics of the year can influence everything from the weather forecast to the kinds of illness that will be prevalent in our patients. Learn what to expect so you can have the right treatments in mind and the right herbs on hand.

Winter Squash and Adzuki Bean Curry

By Laura Stropes and Katie Stoyka
February 20, 2019 No comments

Winter squash and adzuki bean curry Adzuki (sometimes spelled aduki) beans are the Chinese herb Chi xiao dou: sweet, sour and neutral to slightly cold, they drain dampness and heat from the body. When balanced with warming vegetables and spices, Chi xiao dou prevents the curry from being overly warming and helps the body drain excessive dampness, something commonly needed as we transition from winter to spring.

Bai Zi Yang Xin Wan

By Mayway Staff
January 31, 2019 No comments

Bai zi yang xin wan with herbs In comparison with the more well-known An Shen Bu Xin Wan to calm the Shen, this formula was designed to primarily treat the underlying cause of the Shen disturbance, in this case Heart, Liver and Kidney Blood and Yin deficiency, while only secondarily focusing on calming the Shen.