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Let’s Make Chinese Herbal Tonic Wines

By Katie Stoyka
January 3, 2018 2 comments

Chinese medicinal herbal wines

The first known mention of herbal tonic wine is from the Wu Shi Er Bing Fang (Prescriptions for 52 Ailments), which was unearthed at Ma Wang Dui tomb, an archaeological site located in Changsha, China. It is believed to have been written around 200 BC, although the prescriptions are thought to be much older.

The Year of the Earth Dog and its Clinical Implications

By Wendy S. Goldman, L.Ac.
January 3, 2018 No comments

2018 Year of the Dog

In February, we celebrate Chinese New Year and begin the Year of the Yang Earth Dog. What does this mean for you and your patients? In this article we explore the energetics of the year, how they influence our environment and therefore, the patterns we see in our practices. Understanding these cycles helps us prepare in advance and be more effective in our clinics.

Stock outs: The long and the short of why it happens

By Yvonne Lau, Mayway President
December 14, 2017 2 comments

Yuan zhi fieldSometimes we’re out of stock due to things we can’t control like the weather, pollution, or politics, but mostly we’re out of something because we refuse to compromise on quality, safety or ethics. While it would be easy to procure herbs from other importers or even off Alibaba when we run low, Mayway has always been committed to providing high quality at a fair price.

Mayway 2018 calendars

By Katie Stoyka
December 13, 2017 No comments

The 2018 Mayway calendar has arrived! This year’s edition features stunning watercolors by renowned painter and poet Qi Baishi (1864-1957). This year all proceeds from the Mayway calendar will go towards Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) to help pay for medical supplies needed for treatments provided to low-income patients through the OCOM Clinic.

Pacific Symposium Updates 2017

By Katie Stoyka
November 27, 2017 No comments

Ideas are sparked every year at Pacific Symposium, and this year was no exception. It’s an event that attracts leaders and innovators in traditional Chinese medicine from across the country and beyond, and it’s always exciting to see what unfolds after new ideas are shared and connections made.

Holiday Gifts for Health

By Katie Stoyka
November 16, 2017 No comments

Everyone is busy towards the end of the year, so why not make life easier and get some holiday shopping done while placing your order at Mayway? We have all sorts of gift-worthy items you may not know about, from TCM t-shirts to herbal teas.