Grow your Acupuncture Practice With Writing

Is there something about traditional Chinese medicine that’s sparked your interest lately, or that you’ve become passionate about over the years? Writing about it could do a lot more than you might expect.

  • Inspire others to try something new
  • Answer questions and expand horizons
  • Get exposure for your clinic, research or organization
  • Connect people who can make a difference together

Share a challenging case study, a clever practice management technique or a correlation you’ve discovered. Report on a non-profit you volunteer with, an acupuncture event you attended or an herb project you’ve contributed towards.

Articles and blogs offer the opportunity to showcase your expertise and attract new readers and clients. Let’s say you are a fertility specialist, and you write an article about a successful treatment on a patient with endometriosis. Patients dealing with a similar scenario who read the article would be more likely to come to your clinic for treatment. You may also connect with colleagues to discuss similar cases, or get referrals from other practitioners.

If you are writing a book about traditional Chinese medicine and publish small excerpts, it will build interest and result in more purchases when the book is complete.

In today’s world of internet and social sharing, there are many options to get your voice heard, and the more places an article can be read, the more people it reaches and greater potential for attracting interest in your subject.

One great way to reach a wide audience, is by submitting an article to the Mayway Mailer, a semi-monthly newsletter that goes out to more than 11,500 TCM practitioners and students. Ask us for our submission guidelines at

We are always looking for new authors and stories to present to our readers, and welcome articles on all aspects of traditional Chinese medicine, casual or scholarly, including case studies, clinic management, and reports on non-profit projects. The only thing that’s off-limits is making any sort of medical claim about our products (as much as we like to hear it, the FDA does not). We also accept previously published articles if you have something prepared you’d like to submit.

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