Aging & Longevity

TCM Approaches for Elderly Men's Health

September 19, 2023

Dr. Alex Feng, OMD, PhD, LAc

photo of 3 older adults doing qi gong on a beach during sunrise

This article touches on two major health issues that arise with men as they age: cardiovascular disease and erectile dysfunction. Etiology and how traditional Chinese medicine can support these conditions are discussed.

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Longevity, TCM and The Hallmarks of Aging

September 18, 2023

Skye Sturgeon, DAOM, Quality Assurance Manager, Mayway

photo of 2 elderly male hands

This article discusses longevity, quality of life, and what factors affect aging populations.

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Longevity Soup to Nourish and Calm the Mind

September 14, 2023

Yvonne Lau, Mayway President

photo of different herbs that are used in the longevity soup recipe in the article

This recipe is suitable for those who often stay up late, work too much, and “burn the candle at both ends” which can result in a restless mind with sleep disturbance and possibly a difficult time focusing on the task at hand. In this recipe, Ling zhi is sweet and slightly bitter in taste, and slightly warm or neutral in temperature. It enters the Heart, Lung and Liver meridians and can replenish the Heart blood, calm the mind, and soothe the Liver. Ling zhi is helpful for restlessness, forgetfulness and physical and mental fatigue caused by Qi and Blood deficiency. Used long-term, it is supportive for the immune system and protects the body from everyday stress.

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Dui Yao in an Ancient Brain Formula

September 14, 2023

Lana Farson, L.Ac., M.S.

photo of a text book showing 2 different herbs that are a DUI yao pair ren shen and da huang

Two herbs that complement one another (Dui Yao) are discussed: Ren Shen (Panax Ginseng) and Da Huang (Rhubarb) and how the two herbs work together in the popular formula Chái Hú Jiā Lóng Gŭ Mù Lì Tāng 柴胡加龍骨牡蠣湯 - “Bupleurum Plus Dragon Bone and Oyster Shell Decoction”.

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TCM Treatment for Cognitive Decline Patterns

September 8, 2023

Hayley Gardner, MSOM, DCCM

image shows a drawing of a brain made of puzzle pieces with some pieces missing indicating cognitive decline

Hayley Gardner MSOM, DCCM discusses a clinical approach to treating complex cognitive decline patterns with customized Chinese herbal medicine formulas.

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Understanding How Qi Gong Promotes Health

March 21, 2022

Skye Sturgeon, DAOM, Quality Assurance Manager, Mayway

Qi GongBreathe your way to harmony, balance, health, and well-being. Practicing Qi Gong yourself and teaching it to your patients is one of the most beneficial aspects of Chinese medicine. It can be engaged anywhere and by anyone, including those who are bed-ridden or in a wheelchair. In Qi Gong breathing, the action is focused on the exhale by intentionally contracting the diaphragm and abdominal wall muscles, squeezing out the carbon dioxide until the lungs are empty.

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