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Lín 臨 / Approach of Spring 19 I Ching

March 7, 2023

Skye Sturgeon, DAOM, Quality Assurance Manager, Mayway

Spring 2023 Trigram

The hexagram Lín 臨 corresponds to the twelfth month of the lunar calendar which is usually found in January or early February. The character Lín 臨 is translated as “coming just before” or “just about to occur” and in most translations of the I Ching, it is rendered as “Approach”. Since this is written in February and the solar calendar places Spring several weeks hence, I see this as “The Approach of Spring”. The hexagram consists of the three broken lines representing Earth above the trigram for Lake. The two yang lines of Lake are rising into and beginning to nourish the Earth, a powerful image for the approach of Spring.

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Mayway 2022 Year Recap

December 27, 2022

Photo of the Lau family

A snapshot of our 53rd year in business showcasing new products, our environmental commitments, and a special message from Yvonne Lau, President of Mayway Herbs.

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Teapill Manufacturing Behind the Scenes Video

July 19, 2022

Hugh Lau

Teapill Manufacturing Video

Join Hugh Lau, Owner and Designer for Mayway Herbs, as he takes us behind the scenes to show us how Teapills are made!

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Jiě/ Relief 解 Spring I Ching

April 21, 2022

Skye Sturgeon, DAOM, Quality Assurance Manager, Mayway

May Trigram

The hexagram associated with the fourth month of the Chinese lunar calendar or May on the solar/Gregorian calendar is Jiě 解/ Deliverance or Relief (#40). In the sequence of the gua, Jiě 解 follows Jiān 艱/ Difficulty or Hardship because things cannot remain in hardship without end. Many of us have been ill, many have lost friends or family, and nearly all of us have been frightened. Certainly, the isolation has engendered anxiety, depression, or feelings of loneliness. The I Ching promises Deliverance or Relief from these conditions.

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Inside the Mayway Dispensary

September 27, 2021

Take a look behind the scenes at how Mayway creates custom formulas for your patients. From whole herbs, powdered raw herbs, extract granules and encapsulated formulas, we have the expertise to create your formulas from start to finish.

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Fall 2021 Herb Report

September 13, 2021

Yvonne Lau, Mayway President

Bags of Chinese Herbs

Yvonne Lau of Mayway Herbs provides an update on the Chinese herb industry including economic pressures, harvest, and supply challenges.

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Field to Market: An educational video for Chinese herb quality

September 10, 2021

Skye Sturgeon, DAOM, Quality Assurance Manager, Mayway

Field to Market Video

Dr. Skye Sturgeon presents Field to Market: How Quality and Safety of Chinese Herbs are Ensured (originally recorded on November 13, 2019)

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Herb Supply Update July 2021

July 13, 2021

Eva Lau, Mayway Vice President

Container ship

A quick update on import challenges, future herb stock concerns, and a list of popular items that are back in stock!

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Mayway Helpful How-To's

April 7, 2021


How-TosWe've created helpful How-To videos to guide you through the custom features on our website. See how to quickly create a custom prescription, customize a prescription template, manage your addresses and more!

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We Are Mayway

January 5, 2021

Meet the Mayway team, get a behind the scenes glimpse of our dispensary, warehouse, meet our staff, and get to know a bit more about our company.

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Helpful Tips on Using Mayway Herbs' Prescription Service

April 21, 2020

Skye Sturgeon, DAOM, Quality Assurance Manager, Mayway

Mayway Extract Powder DispensaryshippingAs the needs of patients are becoming more specialized, the demand for custom herbal formulas is on the rise. We've created tips for using our Dispensary service, links to a fillable decoction instructions document you can create for your patients, and a how-to video demonstrating how to make a custom formula.

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Coronavirus Business Update

April 8, 2020

Eva Lau, Mayway Vice President

Mayway shippingAs we enter our third week of shelter-in-place, we have now resumed normal shipping turnaround times. Shipments to business addresses that are in shelter-in-place locations may not be delivered by delivery companies. Prescription orders received before 12pm will typically ship the same day during standard business days. PRC issued Novel formula templates are now available through our Prescription service.

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Coronavirus Effects on Our Herb Supply

March 3, 2020

Eva Lau, Mayway Vice President

Many of you have inquired as to if/how the coronavirus situation in China will affect our supply of herbs. We have been in regular contact with our suppliers and manufacturers since news of the outbreak surfaced. Fortunately, our primary pill/tablet manufacturer has been in production since early February following the Chinese New Year holiday and was not affected by mandatory factory closures. Also, due to our experiences with long growing seasons, extensive testing, production and shipping times, we usually stock over a year of inventory on all of our formulas. We don't foresee a shortage based on normal order patterns, but have increased orders for our more popular formulas anyway. Read More

Coronavirus & Safety of Chinese Herbs

January 29, 2020

Yvonne Lau, Mayway President

China Factory Protection Because our products are sourced and manufactured in China, we want to address any concerns our customers and your patients may have about the safety of our products, particularly regarding the possibility of a virus contaminating Chinese herbs and herbal products....

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Mayway, the FDA, Product Claims and Social Media

November 8, 2018

Peter M. Stanwyck, Oakland California Attorney*

Nov 11, 2018 6:44:25 AM Due to FDA regulations, Mayway is sometimes required to not allow particular social media posts to appear on certain social media, like Facebook, or to not acknowledge or respond to some posts on other social media, such as Instagram. Find out how this works and what it means for you and your social posts.

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