Coronavirus Effects on Our Herb Supply

March 3, 2020

Dear Valued Customers,

Many of you have inquired as to if/how the coronavirus situation in China will affect our supply of herbs. We have been in regular contact with our suppliers and manufacturers since news of the outbreak surfaced. Fortunately, our primary pill/tablet manufacturer has been in production since early February following the Chinese New Year holiday and was not affected by mandatory factory closures. Also, due to our experiences with long growing seasons, extensive testing, production and shipping times, we usually stock over a year of inventory on all of our formulas. We don't foresee a shortage based on normal order patterns, but have increased orders for our more popular formulas.

While our herb processing facility has resumed production as of March 1st , we are unsure as to the extent of the effects on supply at this time. Although we have been advised that supply should not be affected since most herbs are harvested in the spring through fall, the supply of herbs growing in and around the province of Hubei (province of Wuhan) and common herbs to clear heat and toxins may be affected.

We have a healthy supply of the majority of our single herb extract powders and formulas, and a new shipment has just arrived at port.

However, in the near term we do anticipate delays due to the low volume of container ships currently leaving China. Hopefully as export volume from China returns to normal, so will shipping schedules.

We have recently experienced an unusual increase in ordering quantities and ask that our customers only order what is needed. We will do our best to keep adequate stock to satisfy demand and may choose to limit order quantities to ensure fair and equal distribution.

Thank you for your patience while we work through this situation together.

Good health to all,

Eva Lau
Vice President & Purchasing Manager

Article: Coronavirus & Safety of Chinese Herbs

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