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Taoist Qigong with Dr. Alex Feng

January 1, 2024

Dr. Alex Feng, OMD, PhD, LAc

Alex Feng

Dr. Alex Feng, licensed acupuncturist and Taoist master, leads students in this video demonstration showing head and neck Qi Gong.

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Master Tung's Magic Points & Cupping in the Aftermath of the Coronavirus

March 22, 2022

Susan Johnson, L.Ac.

Susan Johnson Cupping Treatment

Many acupuncturists are gradually reopening their practices. At the same time, a second wave of COVID-19 is sweeping through the country as people are becoming impatient with sanitation protocols and social distancing. Even while we have compassion for the hardships that the pandemic has created, it is ever more important to safeguard ourselves and our clinics and not let our guard down just because we wish to believe that the crisis is over. This article discusses Cupping and Master Tung points for promoting wellness along with protecting yourself and your practice.

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Treating Trauma with NADA

January 11, 2021

Acupuncturists Without Borders

Nepal Acupuncturists Without Borders

As the New Year begins, we can see light in the midst of darkness. The COVID-19 pandemic will likely fade into a less virulent disaster for communities around the world, as more people gain immunity through natural exposure and immunization. The suffering has been deep, devastating and global, combined with other major stressors like systemic injustice, natural disasters, poverty, violence, human displacement and long-neglected generational trauma. It has been a very hard year. We review the NADA ear acupuncture protocol and its effect on trauma.

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Webinar Playback

May 7, 2020

Coronavirus WebinarsMichael McCulloch of the Pine Street Foundation talks about Coronavirus COVID-19 statistics, clinical trials, and ways to support patients using Traditional Chinese Medicine. Watch the March 20th & April 15th webinar recordings for free on our website!

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