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Tian Ma Teapills - A Good Perimenopausal Formula?

September 29, 2019

Mayway Staff

Tian Ma WanIn the modern clinic, Tian Ma Wan is often used for perimenopausal women with a mixed pattern of Liver and Kidney deficiency (Yin, Blood, possibly slight Yang Xu) and some combination of wind-damp Bi Zheng, episodes of Liver Yang rising and possibly the stirring of internal wind to the head. Key symptoms include occasional headaches and/or dizziness, neck, shoulder and upper back tension, hot flashes and facial/neck flushing, difficulty sleeping, irritability, as well as occasional pain, stiffness and spasm in various locations, but particularly the neck, shoulder, hip, low back and legs...

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Differential Diagnosis of Acne in Chinese Medicine

September 1, 2019

Doctor Yu Feng Yau of Hong Kong


Taking into account the symptoms and characteristics of how the acne presents is vital to diagnosis. If pimples are primarily red, swollen, hot, painful, then it indicates true heat. If redness, swelling, heat and pain are less pronounced, then it is likely due to deficiency heat. Pronounced itchiness is likely due to wind, and pus is usually due to dampness. If pimples expel yellow pus, then it indicates damp-heat. If fresh blood comes out after a pimple bursts, it indicates heat in blood, which is forcing the blood out erratically. If pimples congeal and harden, particularly if they do not resolve for long periods of time, we must consider blocked Qi and stagnant Blood. However, we always need to consider the entire patient presentation, not just these symptoms.

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