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3 Practical Tips to Bring in More Patients this Week, the Introverted Way

November 13, 2018

Did you know that 30-50% of people are introverts? But what’s taught about how to grow an acupuncture practice often assumes that you’re an extrovert. The idea of always having to be putting yourself ‘out there’ can feel draining and exhausting. If you are an introvert and want to do less marketing, here are a few practical tips to help you be more effective with attracting patients to the practice.

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Mayway, the FDA, Product Claims and Social Media

November 8, 2018

Nov 11, 2018 6:44:25 AM Due to FDA regulations, Mayway is sometimes required to not allow particular social media posts to appear on certain social media, like Facebook, or to not acknowledge or respond to some posts on other social media, such as Instagram. Find out how this works and what it means for you and your social posts.

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Teapill Upgrades: New Technology for TCM at Lanzhou Foci

July 23, 2018

Jul 25, 2018 6:18:06 AM On June 22, fifty-foot tall red banners celebrated the transition to next level teapill manufacturing in Lanzhou. Lanzhou Foci, the maker of Min Shan® and most of our Plum Flower® teapills, reached another milestone in its nearly 90-year storied history, opening a state of the art production facility which will increase teapill quality.

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Chinese Herb Farming in the Pacific Northwest

July 1, 2018

Jul 3, 2018 12:33:51 AM Just outside of Olympia, WA Colleen Hayes is growing some crops that may seem unusual to some. She started growing Chinese and other Asian medicinal herbs 5 years ago after wondering where the herbs her acupuncturist gave her came from. She has trialed over 35 species and is now growing larger quantities of herbs like Ju Hua, Hong Hua and ashwaganda. Mayway asked her some questions about what it’s like to grow and process Chinese herbs here in the US.

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Chinese Medicine Day!

March 14, 2018

Lanzhou Foci historic photo

In the United States we may know March 17th as a celebration of Irish heritage, but it's also a significant day in Chinese cultural history. It was the day when traditional Chinese medicine was almost abolished.

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Growing Herb Demand and Quality Concerns

February 7, 2018

Fakes, reconditioned and counterfeit herbs. Take a look into the shadier side of herb sourcing and learn what you can do to avoid it. Chinese herbs are commodities, and traded in the billions of dollars.In 2016, the value of Chinese herbs traded totaled US$6.3 billion, of which US$2.3 billion was exported.China itself uses a staggering US$4 billion dollars’ worth of herbs each year.

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AHP's Response to Recent Criticism of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Nature

January 31, 2018

Two recent articles in Nature presented critical views of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) that are worthy of commentary. The articles focused on 4 primary presumptions: Safety of TCM; Need for TCM clinical trials; Western medical exam not required to practice TCM; No CDFA oversight of TCM practice. Each of these presumptions reflects a bias towards Western medical constructs that are not necessarily appropriate for TCM but more importantly, are not adequately addressed for approved Western therapeutics.

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Stock outs: The long and the short of why it happens

December 13, 2017

Herb FarmersSometimes we’re out of stock due to things we can’t control like the weather, pollution, or politics, but mostly we’re out of something because we refuse to compromise on quality, safety or ethics. While it would be easy to procure herbs from other importers or even off Alibaba when we run low, Mayway has always been committed to providing high quality at a fair price.

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Pacific Symposium Updates 2017

November 26, 2017

Pacific SymposiumIdeas are sparked every year at Pacific Symposium, and this year was no exception. It’s an event that attracts leaders and innovators in traditional Chinese medicine from across the country and beyond, and it’s always exciting to see what unfolds after new ideas are shared and connections made.

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Finding the Right Ginseng

September 19, 2017

Sheng Shai ShenGinseng is arguably one of the most well-known Chinese medicinal herbs, yet the word is casually used to refer to many different herbs, some with slight variations and others with completely different actions. Let’s take a look at all the “ginsengs” and the differences between them.

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