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General Questions
Can anyone order herbs and formulas from you?

Mayway only sells its products to health care practitioners, health related businesses and students of traditional Chinese medicine. Proof of licensure, certification, student identification, or retail resale number is required. Licensed practitioners including but not limited to Acupuncturists, M.D., N.D., Veterinarians, and Nurse Practitioners will have access to special products, custom prescriptions, and additional information regarding our products.

If I can't order herbs from you directly, where can I order them?

Use our searchable directory to find a practitioner or retail dispensary in your area.

How can I find out what a product is for?

By law, we cannot make claims about our products. Please check with your practitioner or retailer for more information. There are also books about Chinese medicine in libraries and many health foods stores that may have the information you need.

Are your capsules vegetarian?

Yes all of the capsules used in our products are vegetarian.

Are your veggie caps gluten free?

Yes, Our supplier has informed us that the hypromellose used to make the veggie caps is sourced is southern pine, cut from the southeastern United States. Their website states that their veggie caps are preservative, allergen and gluten free.

My product is past its Best by Date (BBD) – can I still use it?

We do not recommend using a product after the Best by Date.

Why don’t your whole herbs have a Best by Date?

A Best by Date is indicative of the shelf life of a product. The shelf life is the length of time that herbal products are given before they are considered unsuitable for sale, use, or consumption. The stability of a product is dependent upon a host of factors: the product form; the nature of the individual ingredients and their rates of oxidation; the packaging and storage conditions, etc.

The FDA final GMP rule for dietary supplements does not require the establishment of product expiration dates. But it does stipulate that any expiration/best by date placed on a product label must be supported by data, reserve samples must be maintained for one year past the shelf-life date, and dating claims must be tested by either accelerated or long-term studies.

Mayway does not have stability testing data and does not make claims as to the shelf life of the herbs and herb powders it sells. Subsequently, Mayway does not provide expiration dates for these products.

What does GMP stand for?

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. GMP guidelines ensure that proper procedures are followed to insure that every batch of product meets the highest standards of safety and quality. For more information about manufacturing or GMP guidelines please see the Quality Assurance section of our website.

Can children take your herbal products?

Many of our products can be taken safely by children. It is always the best practice to check with a licensed health care practitioner before giving one of our products to a child.

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Product Questions
As a Practitioner, can I include product claims on my Prescription labels?

Under the Dietary Supplement Health Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA) dietary supplements must not contain any information in the labeling or marketing of the product that makes health claims. Mayway complies to DSHEA regulations so you will notice that our website, labels and marketing materials do not have any health claims. We ask our practitioners who use the Mayway dispensary service to refrain from putting any information on the label that would be construed as a claim. Information on DSHEA regulations can be found at the FDA Website.

Examples of prescription label claims:

  • For lung infection. Take 3 times before meals.
  • Yeast infection formula
  • Ann's Headache Formula


If an herb has a higher grade (example: Shan Yao#1), does that mean it is of a higher quality, or just a different size or cut?

Higher grades are almost always a larger cut coming from a more mature plant. This usually means that the cut is also of better quality.

Why do some herbs look radically different from what I have been getting in the past from Mayway and/or other suppliers?

Although in some cases it may be due to proprietary Plum Flower® cutting and processing methods (see question below), most likely it is due to the herb being of a different species. We believe it is important for us to promote the use of the correct species of herbs as specified in the People's Republic of China's Herbal Materia Medica, as these are the herbs practitioners are taught to prescribe. In the U.S., many southern species have been substituted due to the large number of southern Chinese doctors, teachers, and importers of Chinese herbs. Although in many cases the actions and indications of the substitutes are the same, or very similar, in some cases they are only superficially alike, and thus potentially ineffective or even harmful. Please feel free to check with us whenever you are unsure.

Why are some Plum Flower® Premier Quality Herbs drier than other brands?

Plum Flower® Premier Quality Herbs are processed using proprietary methods that allow us to avoid the prevalent use of sulfur dioxide fumigation, a preservative also used to artificially “enhance” the appearance of herbs. One of these proprietary methods involves special cutting and drying techniques. When these specialized techniques are combined with our meticulous vacuum packing and nitrogen injection process, they allow us to provide high quality, clean herbs without sulfur dioxide treatment or other preservatives. More details about how Plum Flower ® Premier Quality Herbs are processed can be found in this article, Herb Processing at the Mayway Hebei Facility.

Do you have organic herbs?

We now carry Plum Flower brand Certified Organic herbs (when available). Visit our Organic Herbs product category to check current availability.

What herbs are not for sale?

There are a number of reasons why certain herbs may not be available. Please see this comprehensive article on herbs that are restricted along with the reasons for these restrictions: Restricted Herbs and Resource List

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What are the Dispensary minimum order amounts?
  • $6 minimum order per Raw Herb Prescription
  • $12 minimum order per Powdered Herb Prescription
  • $20 minimum order per Extract Powder Prescription
  • Capsuling is charged at $.20/gram with a minimum processing fee of $20.00 per prescription.
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Which of your products contain potential allergens?

Download these PDF files of herbs and products that contain allergens or ingredients that can be problematic for people with food sensitivities. Feel free to print these for yourself or your patients with allergies to help them avoid reactions.

Tree Nuts

Are allergens listed on your labels?

Yes, as of 2006 we added labels on all our affected products that identify food allergens including soy, tree nuts, and wheat. Although we do not identify ingredients known to cause food sensitivities including cuttlefish, gluten and sesame on our labels, we do provide information about them here on our website. Please see the PDF files referred to in the question above.

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Ordering/Service Questions
I'm sending a package directly to my patient; can you send me the bill?

Yes. We have a drop shipment service for all of our products, including our extensive Mayway Herbal Dispensary, which allows you to create your own bulk or concentrated extract formulas to send directly to your patient. Your account will be charged, and the invoice will go directly to you. There is no additional charge for drop shipping.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes. Free UPS Ground Shipping is available for orders over $150 placed from anywhere in the continental United States. For orders under $150, we now offer $9.95 flat rate shipping within the 48 contiguous states.

* Some restrictions do apply: available to customers in continental United States only. AK and HI customers please contact us for special rates.

Can I be notified when an out of stock product becomes available?

Yes! Our website offers a back in stock notification feature. Simply login to your account, navigate to the product, and click “Notify me when this item is back in stock.” When the item comes available, you will receive an email.

If I have a whole herb formula, how do I translate it into an extract powder formula?

Creating a concentrated extract formula is different from creating a bulk herbal formula. In fact, it is more like making pills or tinctures, because it requires using a ratio of herbs. For more information, download How to Use 5:1 Powdered Extracts for instructions on how to determine these ratios and how to calculate the number of grams for each herb in the formula. If you are a licensed Practitioner, you can also use our Dispensary Service and create your own custom formulas. 

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