Blood Stagnation: The Silent Killer Live Broadcast June 30, 2020

Instructor Michael McCulloch, LAc, MPH, PhD, Epidemiologist

Live Broadcast: June 30, 2020, 10am-12pm PST

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This class will be broadcast live on June 30th from 10am-12pm PST. Attendance during the broadcast is required for continuing education credit. Approved for 2 hours of Continuing Education Credit by the NCCAOM, Provider #683 in AOM-BIO. Approved for 2 hours of LIve Continuing Education Credit by the California Acupuncture Board provider #680 in Category 1.

This class is being taught as a collaboration with the Pine Street Foundation. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to support Pine Street Foundation’s mission to help people with cancer reach more informed decisions.

Course Description

This course will discuss blood stagnation as it relates to the general population during the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients are at increased risk due to prolonged sitting while working at home or general inactivity. Methods for reducing patient risk of blood stagnation including balancing immune and metabolic systems will be presented. We will review how to assess chronological vs. biological age and anti-aging strategies. Scalp acupuncture methods will be reviewed for the treatment of stroke. Heat clearing and blood cooling herbs will be discussed as they support the treatment of vessel damage. This class will also include updates on the Coronavirus with new guidelines from China and Korea.

  • Helping Patients Reduce Risk Factors of Blood Stagnation
  • Assessing Chronological vs. Biological Age
  • Scalp Acupuncture Options for Stroke
  • Heat Clearing & Blood Cooling Herbs for Vessels
  • TCM & Coronavirus: Updated Guidelines from China and Korea

Michael McCulloch Instructor Bio: Michael McCulloch, L.Ac., MPH, PhD

Michael is the Research Director at the Pine Street Foundation where their clinic specializes in creating innovative and integrative treatment programs for complex medical problems. Michael is an apprentice-trained acupuncturist at the Pine Street Clinic. He is public health trained through UC Berkeley's School of Public Health and has a PhD in Epidemiology. He is a published author of peer-reviewed papers discussing TCM for hepatitis B, lung, colon, and liver cancers along with canine scent detection for diagnosis of breast and lung cancers. The Pine Street Foundation has collaborated with researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, University of California at Berkeley, University of California at San Francisco, California Pacific Medical Center, the University of Maine, and Baylor University.


Registration is now closed.

Mayway is very pleased to collaborate with the Pine Street Foundation in presenting this important topic. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Pine Street Foundation to help support their continued research efforts.


This course is APPROVED by the California Acupuncture Board, Provider #680, for 2 hours of continuing education in category 1 as live attendance credits. This course is APPROVED by the NCCAOM, Provider #683, for 2 hours of continuing education in AOM-BIO.


No refunds will be given for this class unless canceled by the course provider.


Attendees will receive a coupon for use on our website. (Use of coupon or purchase of Mayway herbal products is not required to attend a Mayway sponsored educational event.)


A course handout will be available for download before and during the broadcast.


The webinar broadcast will be recorded and paid attendees will have access to the recording for up to 6 months after the class. At this time, a free replay option is not planned for this class.

Note: Currently there is no conclusive peer-reviewed research on herbs or herbal formulas regarding the treatment of COVID-19.
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